Cloud mining

Cryptocurrency mining is painstaking, costly, and only sporadically rewarding. Nonetheless, mining has a magnetic appeal for many investors interested in cryptocurrency because miners are rewarded for their work with crypto tokens. This may be because entrepreneurial types see mining as pennies from heaven, like California gold prospectors in 1849. And if you are technologically inclined, why not do it?

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Is cloud mining profitable?

Mining cryptocurrency seems like a no-brainer. Set up a computer to help solve complex math puzzles, and you are rewarded with a coin or a fraction of a coin. The first bitcoin miners were able to earn coins relatively quickly just using what computing power they had in their homes.3

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The pros:

The cons:

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How long does it take to mine 1 Bitcoin?

10 minutes

Can you still mine Bitcoin in 2020?

There was a time where one could profitably mine Bitcoin with GPUs, but again… today, you really must have an ASIC and a deal with a power company to make any money mining Bitcoin in 2020

Is Bitcoin mining hard?

Upon its launch, Bitcoin’s (BTC) mining difficulty was 1. However, as of 3 November 2020, the difficulty level is around 16.7 trillion. Meaning the chances of your computer mining new BTC units is 1 in 16 trillion. Also, mining difficulty is adjusted roughly every two weeks, i.e. after 2,106, new blocks are added.

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Important Things You Need To Know About Free Cloud Mining | by MA | The Capital | Apr, 2021

by Benjamin Hartman
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