India: Youngster Purchases $27,000 Worth MDMA with Bitcoin

The Times of India recently reports an abysmal act, put up by K Rahman, a 24-year old boy who purchased methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly called ecstasy, worth around 27,000 USD using Bitcoin.

According to the report, the youth who had bought the ecstasy with such huge amount did so in anonymity.

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The Narcotics Control Bureau intercepted the product which was sent from Frankfurt around July. After examining the product which contained 750 grey and brown coloured pills properly, the Narcotics Control Bureau had confirmed it was MDMA.

The parcel was attached with a false address but Rahman was to collect the good at the Foreign Post Office in Chamarajpet. This made the work of the Narcotics Control Bureau quite difficult as Rahman did not show up to receive the goods.

Amit Ghawate, the zonal director of Bureau’s Bangalore, took up the case to find out who the receipt of the molly was after the Narcotics Control Bureau had confirmed the MDMA.

After about three weeks of thorough investigation by the Narcotics Control Bureau, India, to know the owner of the ecstasy, it was later discovered that it belonged to Rahman.

Rahman had probably purchased the narcotic with Bitcoin to eliminate all form traces due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency.

Rahman has been said to have been in the business of importing sedatives from other countries, using wrong address and then go ahead for pick up at the Foreign Post Office, in Chamarajpet, days after its landing in India.

Another report from an investigating officer shows that it isn’t the first time Rahman would be ordering tranquilizers into the country.

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He had done so on previous occasions and received them via the city’s Foreign Post Office before selling them to his consumers, including, parties attendants and college students, the officer furthered.

Rahman had since been in judicial custody of the Narcotics Control Bureau following his apprehension.

What You Should Know About Molly

Molly/Ecstasy, also referred to as 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA), is a stimulant or hallucinogens consumed mostly by ravers to arouse emotional warmth, time perception, distorted sensory and energy.

At the early stage, this synthetic drug was used mostly by people in the club houses and by party dancers too, but recently, it is used by various people in diverse sectors as it is seen as a solace, hence, they call it molly or ecstasy.

The popular pseudonym Molly, ‘molecular’, sold in capsules, is commonly referred to as pure crystalline form of MDMA. There have been several instances, where people consume it after they had mixed it with alcohol or marijuana.

As of 2018, MDMA has been tagged illegal in many countries and has not got medical approval, hereafter.

The adverse effects of ‘molecular’ include memory complications, depression, difficulty in sleeping, grinding of teeth, fatigue, obsession, fretting, blurred vision and most at times, death.

More so, it has been reported that people who consume narcotics, die of high body temperature and dehydration.

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