JAG Insurance Group to Offer Employees Crypto Investing Options

JAG Insurance Group – a commercial insurance agency based in both South Florida and North Carolina – has joined hands with Trade Station Crypto, Inc. to establish a new treasury account that will expand its employees’ benefits program.

JAG Insurance Group Now Has Crypto Options

The goal of JAG Insurance is to help its employees diversify their retirement and investment portfolios and providing them with potential crypto options can be a solid way of doing that. Luis R. Gazitua – the principal of JAG Insurance – explained in an interview:

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Dedicated to enriching the experience of our employees, our firm is constantly expanding our benefits to align with the current global environment. With cryptocurrency rising in prominence, partnering with Trade Station allows us to better understand the market and provide our staff with ongoing access to education. We’re excited at the possibilities this provides for our company and staff.

Cryptocurrency has come a long way in the past few years. It used to be that digital assets were purely looked at through a speculative lens. Many felt that investing in crypto was highly risky, though if one played their cards right, they could easily become rich. Now, however, things have changed to the point that bitcoin is even viewed as a hedge tool of sorts; something that can keep one’s wealth safe and sturdy during times of economic strife.

This idea began during the time of the coronavirus pandemic two years ago. With governments around the world producing stimulus money for individuals everywhere as a means of helping them cope with an ailing economy, problems like inflation began to arise, and now it appears many people are turning to items like bitcoin and gold as a way of keeping their portfolios strong. It is even recommended amongst several financial analysts that one allocate about two or three percent of their portfolio to crypto as a means of experiencing higher levels of diversification.

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James Putra – vice president of product strategy at Trade Station Crypto – stated:

We’re excited to see more South Florida-based companies entering the cryptocurrency space. There continues to be an increase in crypto investing at the corporate level, and we’re proud to provide companies with the tools needed to invest in cryptocurrency assets. We expect as more companies uncover the benefits of cryptocurrency the trend will continue with rapid growth.

Helping People Make the Right Choices

Aside from opportunities to invest, JAG is also providing educational materials for its clients and employees as a means of helping them better understand how to invest and how to manage risk in the crypto space.

JAG Insurance specializes in many separate arenas including commercial real estate, non-profit, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, long-term care, and sports and entertainment. The company has three offices and works to provide a wide array of insurance solutions to many different business sectors.

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