With the Jelurida and Simplex partnership, customers can look forward to excellent KYC/AML capabilities.

Jelurida, a blockchain development company, entered into a strategic partnership with Simplex, a firm that allows its customers to purchase different digital assets with different payment methods, to steer forward the blockchain capabilities in real-world use cases.

Industry pioneers are seeking ways to tap the blockchain technology and help businesses integrate them seamlessly and securely. Integration of the fiat market and the crypto industry is one of the areas that developers are focused on. As crypto adoption rallies from retail to institutional investors around the world, blockchain scalability is becoming the order of the day.

Jelurida is popularly known for developing and maintaining the Nxt and Ardor blockchains. Both projects have indicated tremendous use cases based on their scalability and top-notch security measures.

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The Jelurida team of developers focused primarily on the proof of stake and multi-chain features of a blockchain to stand out from the crowd. Concerns have been raised over the high fees that choke several blockchain ecosystems including the Ethereum blockchain. Introducing proof of stake is viewed as a possible way to solve the blockchain scalability, particularly on high transaction fees.

Besides, the use of multi chains in a blockchain has been put forward as a solution to the fast-growing industry. The introduction of multi chains running on a parent blockchain has been proved to be a successful way out of low throughput. Mind you, Ethereum 2.0 is set to introduce a sharding solution to create multi chains running in the main proof of stake chain.

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Closer Look into Jelurida and Simplex Partnership

In order to create an environment that allows more investors to hop into the crypto industry, blockchain developers are looking into ways to fast-track the process. First, the exchange industry is viewed as the gateway to allow more investors to access crypto and blockchain technology.

The new partnership between Jelurida and Simplex is set to lay the foundation for other similar partnerships to further blockchain technology. One of the fields that are set to benefit significantly is the DeFi world.

The DeFi industry is bound to receive more regulations and thus more development and partnerships required to overhaul the ecosystem. “As pioneers of energy-efficient blockchain solutions and fully-featured interoperable multi-chain networks, Jelurida has a strong understanding of all aspects around the design and implementation of robust, blockchain-based business ecosystems and decentralized applications, from network setup to feature conceptualization and development,” Jelurida notes on its official website.

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Through the Jelurida and Simplex partnership, customers can look forward to excellent KYC/AML capabilities.

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Jelurida and Simplex Partnership Set to Unlock Further Blockchain Capabilities

by Tracy Mitchell
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