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Justin Sun Wins Bid on




TRON’s founder, Justin Sun has reportedly won the bid on the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Heads a few days ago, marking another big win for Sun as a top-class art collector.

According to a recent report, Sun has been able to acquire the complete set of the crypto artworks “Twelve Digital Zodiac Heads” at the Twelve Digital Zodiac Heads Special Auction hosted by Metapoly XM. Metapoly XM is a brand under Poly Auction (Xiamen).

The move reflects an attempt to revive the traditional Chinese culture as the “Twelve Digital Zodiac Heads” is believed to be the one and only NFT art collection that draws inspiration from China’s Zodiac Heads. The NFT collection is apparently a remarkable and significant artwork in the Chinese region, hence it was valued at around ¥9,832,500 (1,545,000 USD) at the time of the bid. In other words, Sun had purchased the “Twelve Digital Zodiac Heads” NFTs at a whopping price of about $1,545,000 on the 31st of March.

Furthermore, it is believed that one of the animal heads in the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Heads NFT collection will soon be listed on APENFT Marketplace for auction. During the auction, it will be introduced as rare, special-breed horses into WIN NFT HORSE, a horse racing game co-launched by TRON, the APENFT Foundation, and WINKLink.

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Justin Sun as a Prominent Trendy in the Blockchain Technology

Justin Sun has proven to be a notable actor in the crypto space focusing on the potential of the trending blockchain techs like the metaverse and NFTs.




Aside from Sun’s participation in the Poly Auction, the crypto veteran had previously proven to be committed to the crypto space considering the lots of digital artworks he has. As such, Sun has been recognized as a top-class art collector.

Sun’s personal NFT collections are regarded as part of an incredible contribution to the crypto industrial tsunami.

Sun has been committed to promoting the integration of cryptocurrencies with sovereign states and globally encouraging interests among fans and followers after he was appointed as the ambassador to the WTO of Grenada last December.

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