LBank Weekly Listing Report, 28th February 2022

As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

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Scheduled this week starting on 28th Feb.

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Project: SYS
Listing date: 28th Feb.
Key words: Mainnet, listed on Binance, Gate, hotbit。
Official Website:
About: Syscoin is the only layer-1 Blockchain that scales with EVM functionality.


Listing date: 28th Feb.
Key words: MEME, listed on Uniswap, Hotbit (TBA), ERC20
Official Website:
About: The Wolfpack and Shinjaclans are incredible crypto community projects. We are bringing investors of both projects together and maximizing their gains! We will use our treasury to buy Saitama and Shinja dips and use their tokens as rewards to our holders, therefore helping all three communities!


Project: YASHA
Listing date: 28th Feb.
Key words: DEFI, listed on Uniswap, ERC20
Official Website:
About: The Yasha development team is a core group of individuals who came together to create a safe token built on community trust and governance. The Yasha team have developed and deployed an ecoYASHAtem that will exist as a decentralized vetting and donation program for promising new tokens. New teams will submit their soon to launch Protocol, Blockchain Game, Meme Token, or any crypto related project for sponsorship and vetting. Furthermore, any charity or organization may also apply for a donation. Ultimately, Yasha delivers a safe environment for its holder to not only help expand the cryptocurrency market but to also help those in need.


Project: MCC
Listing date: 2nd Mar.
Key words: initial listing, KLAYTN
Official Website:
About: Bringing the ownership of and control over personal data back to data subjects. The MCC’s user consent platform enables a data subject to exercise the full ownership and control over his/her personal data.

With this unique feature, an individual can easily manage their own data and receive a fair compensation from the data consumer. Trust Data will be produced within the MyCreditChain ecosystem. MyCreditChain aims to produce Trust Data, which provides a multi-dimensional depiction of an individual’s trustworthiness. Trust Data can be used in not only the financial sector, but in every industry that looks for a means to have a deeper understanding of customers’ social and economic value. It will unlock the limitations of traditional credit rating models.

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Project: CATS
Listing date: 2nd Mar.
Key words: listed on Pancake, DoDo, BEP20
Official Website:
About: CatCoin is a community run token with a renounced contract and locked liquidity. Our reflections mean that all holders benefit from activity on the contract with the buy 2% and sell 1.7% tax being shared between our holders, including the burn wallet.


Project: REUM
Listing date: 4th Mar.
Key words: NFT, Rewards, DEFI, listed on PancakeSwap, BitMart, BEP20
Official Website:
About: Rewardeum in a next-generation 2-layered sustainable reward generating project where rewards are not dependant on volume!. Rewardeum aims to become the leading reward center in the crypto space as it provides not just rewards in BNB, but a massive collection of tokens, including NFTs, for $REUM holders to choose from daily. Rewardeum NFT Saver Card (launching soon) will allow % cashback, rewards and discounts on multiple Online shopping brands.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – Feb 21st to Feb 27th, 2021

Name: KTS
Weekly gain: 2209%
Official Website:

Name: BIO
Weekly gain: 339%
Official Website:

Name: WRLD
Weekly gain: 140%
Official Website:

Name: ZLDA
Weekly gain: 123%
Official Website:

Name: HUSH
Weekly gain: 114%
Official Website:

 Name: ROG
Weekly gain: 94%
Official Website:

Name: EYES
Weekly gain: 48%
Official Website:

 Name: BERRY
Weekly gain: 47%
Official Website:

 Name: SWDAO
Weekly gain: 35%
Official Website:

 Name: LTEX
Weekly gain: 8%
Official Website:

 Name: EMP
Weekly gain: 6%
Official Website:

Name: XRI
Weekly gain: 5%
Official Website:

Name: MR
Weekly gain: 1%
Official Website:

Name: HRDG
Official Website:

Official Website:

Official Website:

Name: NOF
Official Website:

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