League of Kingdoms (LoK) Game Introduces New-Gen Play-to-Earn Mechanics

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Popular GameFi protocol smashed through 800,000 monthly active user milestone


Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia and Binance Labs, League of Kingdoms is among the most technically advanced ecosystems of the global GameFi scene. Following major accomplishments in massive adoption, League of Kingdoms (LoK) revamps its economical design.

Novel Play-to-Earn mechanics by League of Kingdoms: What are Drago NFTs?

According to the official announcement shared by the team of next-gen GameFi League of Kingdoms (LoK), its userbase has accomplished two splendid milestones.

In May 2022, it has more than 150,000 daily active users and over 800,000 active monthly users. Mostly, LoK players come from the United States, France, Japan and Hong Kong. As such, LoK booked a spot in the top rankings of on-chain MMO RPGs.

To ensure a profitable and immersive gaming experience for all players, the League of Kingdoms (LoK) team introduced a novel mechanism of monetization for its Play-to-Earn design, i.e., Drago NFTs.


New Drago NFTs are associated with fictional characters that take part in battles and tournaments in the League of Kingdoms Arena. The supply of Drago NFTs is not infinite; after the release of the Genesis collection, users will only be able to breed existing NFTs.

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Chan Lee, co-founder of League of Kingdoms, is excited by the milestones achieved and the inception of the Drago NFT collection as a new Play-to-Earn instrument:

We’ve taken care of the fundamentals of making a fun game, and our results speak for themselves. With the Drago NFTs, we’re now going full steam ahead on interesting Play-to-Earn opportunities for LOKA players. Our vision is that these opportunities must not interrupt the regular experience in any way, which is why we are so focused on keeping the core game accessible and free.

Genesis collection will go live on May 30, 2022

Drago NFTs are set to allow League of Kingdoms (LoK) to benefit from paying the game: tokens can be traded and utilized for different in-game use cases.

The Genesis collection is set to be available from May 30, 2022, together with a new in-game NFT marketplace and its core utility asset, Dragon Soul Token (DST).

As covered by U.Today previously, League of Kingdoms also introduced in-game token LOKA, which is a building block of its governance design.

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