LINK Marines Are Back, Eager to Earn Handsome Profits; Here’s What’s Happening

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Yuri Molchan

Recently shared analytics data shows that LINK marines’ activity has seen sharp increase over past few days


According to a recent tweet by IntoTheBlock on-chain data aggregator, LINK investors are actively trying to earn on staking that has been announced by Chainlink recently.

“LINK marines are back”

IntoTheBlock has announced that since Chainlink has announced the beginning of staking on its blockchain, the number of daily active wallets has surged from 1.41K on June 5 to 2.32K yesterday on June 8.

The tweet says that the coin has been on the rise and has been outperforming the crypto market since Chainlink spread the word about staking, which was on June 7.

Chainlink staking announced

According to the blog post by Chainlink, the main objective of introducing staking is to increase both cryptoeconomic security and make users more assured of Chainlink’s oracle services.

Users will be able to lock up their LINK tokens to ensure a service-level guarantee around how well the network will perform in the future.

This way, Chainlink nodes will be incentivized to keep producing accurate oracle reports and deliver them in a timely manner.

In the long run, stakers will be able to receive rewards from various sources on Chainlink network as its adoption keeps expanding.

Since the announcement of the staking launch, LINK has added 21.5% within two days, now trading at $9.44 but still 82.89% below the all-time high of $52.88 reached on May 10 of last year.

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