Los Angeles Man Offers Crypto Reward to Help Find His Attackers

A wealthy Los Angeles resident is hoping a cryptocurrency reward he’s offering will help lead to the arrest of two suspects that attacked him outside his apartment building while exiting his Lamborghini.

A Los Angeles Man Is Using Crypto to Bring Justice to Criminals

The victim – who remains anonymous at the time of writing – says he attributes his success in life to his work with a digital currency called Pablo Token. Right now, he serves as something of a financial advisor with the company, and helps prospective traders and investors get rich through the asset.

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He says he was at a fine-dining location in Los Angeles on the night of March 6. It is believed that on the way to his car, the man was noticed by the would-be thieves, and they followed him home. The man drove a luxury vehicle, so it’s likely the two men felt he was rich and could spare a little extra cash.

The entire attack was caught on tape and occurred outside the victim’s apartment in Los Angeles. One of the men threatened him with a firearm, and while the victim was able to fight off the attackers and escape relatively unharmed, the incident, he says, has left him feeling angry and shaken, and he’s hoping these two men are never able to pull such an attack again.

In an interview, the victim said:

I mean, right now you could’ve been speaking to a family member about my funeral.

He described the incident as one of the most frightening to ever occur in his life. He has no doubt that night could have potentially led to an early death, and he’s now offering $20,000 in crypto to anyone with information that could lead to the arrests of the two men that attacked him. He says that video evidence of the attack is fuzzy but could potentially aid in the identification of his attackers. This is arguably the first time a crypto reward of this kind has ever been offered for such a reason.

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Describing how he was jumped outside the doors to his apartment building, the victim said:

At that point, they were just like running the car keys and the watch, and I think at that point, I just went blank. I’m looking in the individual’s eyes that stepped up to me and I realize this person has a killer mindset.

I Work Hard for Everything!

He also says that his lavish wealth comes from hard work, and that he was taught all his life that only hard work can lead to great things. He commented:

I don’t create trouble for anybody. I work hard for everything. So, for somebody to feel like they could just violate, it’s not right and it’s not fair. The way I was brought up, you know, you work hard for everything.

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