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MakersPlace, the premier marketplace for rare and authentic digital artworks, today announced that The Holoverse, the first company to tokenize historical masterpieces with rights and make them into holographic NFTs, is releasing a first-of-its-kind holographic NFT of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, La Bella Principessa, which will be auctioned on April 21, 2022 with a starting bid at $100,000. Using this groundbreaking technology, Old Master artworks can now be viewable, when people do not have access to the originals. 

Andrea Prince, co-founder and CEO of The Holoverse, said:

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“We are honored to breathe new life into old masterpieces like this one with our proprietary Holo NFT technology. This painting is not on permanent loan to a museum, and very few have been able to see it,” 

The Holoverse is the first company to tokenize historical masterpieces with rights and make them into holographic NFTs. Masters of art such as Leonardo, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and many others are the pillars in the history of art in the universe. 

The goals of The Holoverse

MakersPlace da Vinci
Holographic NFT representation of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, “The Beautiful Princess”

The Holoverse looks to maintain this heritage in eternity, taking advantage of what the latest technologies in the world have to offer, creating a new value and a new life for the masterpieces that have shaped history. The Holo NFT represents the perceived value of a digital asset. For the first time, those who purchase a valuable NFT will be able to enjoy its ownership to fruition, with a true piece of design.

Leonardo Terzulli, Co-founder and CMO of The Holoverse, said:

“Now someone can have it displayed in their home or office in the physical realm, while unlocking new capabilities for viewing it in the digital world. We knew MakersPlace was the right venue to launch such a rare and valuable piece of art,” 

The auction winner will own the first-ever HoloNFT of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, La Bella Principessa, a portrait of a young Milanese aristocrat in a beautiful renaissance dress, which will be on display at a world-renowned museum in Italy this fall. The HoloNFT comes in digital and physical formats. 

The original canvas is scanned into a multi-gigabyte photogrammetry image that enables the viewer to zoom in and experience the work in more detail than the naked eye could see. The unique 1:1 hologram will be encased in a crystal case (73cm x 73cm x 12cm), viewable in daytime and night, and will be delivered and installed with white glove service. 

Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace, said:

“When I saw this piece in person, I was astounded by the amount of detail the hologram provides. This technology creates a whole new experience when it comes to viewing artwork. 

Nowhere else can you see such minute details of an Old Master, and zoom in at will to really see the texture of the lines and canvas.”

The hologram is slightly larger than the original, as it improves the performance and visual impact (50cm x 35cm). The hologram is generated by rotation at very high speed (900 rotations per minute) of four blades containing 256 micro LEDs and microprocessors, which use an algorithm to compose the work in the air.

Explore La Bella Principessa by Leonardo da Vinci by visiting a special microsite created for this viewing experience, and learn more about the art history on our blog. 

MakersPlace, one of the first NFT marketplace

MakersPlace is the premier NFT marketplace for digital art. Launched in 2018, MakersPlace utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate the sale of authentic, original digital artwork, ensuring rarity and ownership for both creators and collectors. 

MakersPlace has emphasized accessibility since its inception and has attracted a large mainstream audience as the first NFT marketplace to accept both cryptocurrency (ETH) and non-cryptocurrency (USD) payments, which it facilitates through crypto wallet and credit card transactions, respectively. 

MakersPlace helped catapult digital art and NFTs onto the global stage, with the historic sale of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days for $69.3 million in partnership with Christie’s auction house in March 2021 – the record price for any digital artwork. Our mission is simple: to enable a vibrant future for digital creativity. 

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