Massive Gaming Launches Web3-Based Game, House Of Slots

Massive Gaming Launches Web3-Based Game, House Of Slots




Massive Gaming, a blockchain-based gaming platform, recently announced the successful launch of its House of Slots game.

Launched on March 6, House of Slots is a social casino game that combines blockchain technology and Web3-based play to earn content.

House of Slots offers over 80 different social casino slot machine games. The game provides users with a fair and realistic gaming experience. House of Slots also provides various mini-game events other than slots for players to refresh and chill with worthy rewards.

The game offers users many opportunities through the play-to-earn system. Users can unlock rewards in the game’s decentralized economy, allowing them to generate more value from their time in the game. Notably, before the launch, Massive Gaming users received a token airdrop.

Information on recent and upcoming airdrops can be found on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. In addition, users can find links to the airdrop on Gleam. Users must first install the IntellaX wallet to participate in the event to receive the rewards.

All players in the game can unlock additional rewards by completing the missions in House of Slots. For instance, during the NFT Holder limited-time event, a user who owns NFTs will receive more valuable tips.

House of Slots is free to play and utilizes USDC. Players worldwide can play various social casino games to earn USDC with specific goods provided by the game. Using USDC, House of Slots seeks to provide stability for users to enjoy their benefits. Many game developers have yet to master the play-to-earn concept to provide stability in in-game economies. However, this is not the case with House of Slots.

In the coming days, NEOWIZ plans to release another game, House of Poker, as a follow-up. This new game is a global social casino hold’em game.  

Massive Gaming is an affiliate of NEOWIZ. The platform focuses on producing and publishing crypto-enabled games and services. Massive Gaming has optimized its games for years to provide users with the best casino experience.

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