Mastercard Plans on Hiring 500 More Cryptocurrency Specialists, Aims to Help Banks with Crypto Adoption

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Arman Shirinyan

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Digital economy pioneer is now pushing decentralized finance adoption

Mastercard has announced the expansion of its payment-focused consulting services for Open Banking, Open Data, Crypto and digital currencies.

Mastercard consulting services have been a part of the company’s offering that today includes more than 2,000 data scientists, engineers and consultants. With the increasing popularity of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, more institutions and private companies are trying to implement the technology in their businesses. This is why Mastercard is planning on broadening the consultations offered by hiring 500 more professionals.

The company’s consulting efforts with banks and merchants are covering a wide range of digital currency capabilities, including the earliest stage of education, the specifics of risk management in the digital assets industry and crypto strategy development.

Mastercard has been actively working with the best companies in the industry that offer the best solutions on the market and help fintech companies expand into new markets. One of the directions that the company is actively working on is helping central banks with the deployment of central bank digital currencies and strategies around them.

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Mastercard has agreed to provide central banks with a testing environment that allows researching various scenarios before releasing the product into the global financial system.

Mastercard is the global leader in the payments industry and one of the pioneers of the digital payment industry. Since the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency industry, Mastercard became a strong advocate of decentralized finance and digital assets in general, including NFTs.

The company already allows its users to make operations with digital assets thanks to the integration of cryptocurrencies into their products. After partnering with Bakkt, Mastercard allowed users to buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies.

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