Meme Coins Helped Tons of People Make Bank: David Gokhshtein

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Yuri Molchan

Crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur responds to critics of meme coins on Twitter – FLOKI, SHIB, DOGE

David Gokhshtein, former U.S. congressional candidate, founder of Gokhshtein Media and crypto enthusiast has taken to Twitter to respond to critics of meme coins.

Gokhshtein is known to hold large amounts of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). He has also mentioned Floki Inu (FLOKI) many times.

Lots of people have become rich on meme coins, Gokhshtein says

David Gokhshtein has tweeted that a lot of people on Twitter have “made bank” by going into meme cryptocurrencies. Then he added that they hardly care if others are making fun of them.

Apparently, this was a response by the crypto enthusiast to the reaction of the community he faced when he asked recently what other meme coins, aside from FLOKI, he should look into.

Many recommended that he check out DOGE, SHIB and PAW. However, some responded with criticism about meme tokens.

In another recent tweet, Gokhshtein reminded critics of meme coins that, on Twitter, people are free to talk about whatever they like. If they want to “get into SHIB or FLOKI – that’s on me,” the entrepreneur added.

Gokhshtein bets on SHIB: “epic stuff”

At the very end of February, Gokhshtein wrote on Twitter that he had acquired enough Shiba Inu coins, and now he expects them to begin doing “epic stuff.” Presumably, the crypto enthusiast referred to the soon-promised release of Shibarium beta, a Layer 2 solution that has been in development for over a year.

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The developer team announced in mid-January that the launch of Shibarium beta would take place “very soon.” Since then, the lead developer of SHIB token and Shibarium, known under the alias Shytoshi Kusama, has begun publishing a series of Medium posts about Shibarium.

Another Shibarium launch promise

He has also published the website for Shibarium and the intake form, through which thousands of projects wishing to build on Shibarium (or collaborate in other ways) have already made submissions.

Less than a week ago, Shytoshi Kusama posted a tweet with a link to a song, saying that it is going on repeat while they are finishing. He did not say anything in particular about what they are finishing but the community interpreted it as a hint to the upcoming release of Shibarium beta.

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