Meta Labs Introduces Jurassic Punk NFTs Built In Unreal Engine 5

Meta Labs Introduces Jurassic Punk NFTs Built In Unreal Engine 5

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Meta-labs Studios, an animation and filmmaking studio is pushing boundaries within the NFT and Web3 space with its Jurassic Punks NFTs.

There are 7777 Jurassic Punks NFTs (JPunk NFTs) built in Unreal Engine 5 JPunk’s award-winning visual effects team that utilizes their 30,000sq ft state of the art film studio with a Motion Capture stage. JPunks is one of a kind generative NFT collection. The NFTs empower owners with their 3D rigged models which include commercial IP rights and are ready to integrate into compatible games and metaverses. Notably, JPunks are the first NFT collection to utilize state-of-the-art film-quality motion capture to bring metaverse-ready NFTs to life. 

Commenting on the NFTs, James Spillman founder, creator, and writer, JPunks NFT explains:

“This project is a dream come true for us as creators, and we have no doubts about our team’s ability to execute and drive the NFT and metaverse space into the future.” 

JPunks’ backstory dates back to 65 million years ago when an extinction-level asteroid rocketed towards Earth threatening to wipe out an entire species but missed. Following the event, dinosaurs were left to thrive and evolved into the JPunks. The JPunks utilizes motion capture with a film quality Xsens setup. They also have support for Facial Recognition using Apple’s AR kit. Reportedly, JPunk NFT owners can use their NFTs on their phones as a filter or as an avatar in an online meeting.

Kevin Docherty, founder/MD, JPunks NFT added:

“We do not see this as just ‘another project’ but as the future of our careers and lives for many years to come, and we have the drive, experience, and determination to ensure that happens.” 

JPunk seeks to create an open metaverse for all and has already begun forming strategic partnerships to achieve this goal. Some of these partnerships include Netvrk, My Pet Hooligan, Collider Craftworks, Xone, and more. Through these partnerships, JPunk NFT will be delivering an animated series and a live digital fashion show metaverse that will star JPunk owners. The event will utilize Meta Labs film studio, blurring the line between the physical and digital spaces. Note, funds already collected from the whitelisting, public sale, and secondaries have been prioritized to ensure the event and all roadmap goals are achieved within the set period.

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