Meta Masters Guild — The Fastest Growing Play-to-Earn Guild of 2023 Is Close To Presale End – Don’t Miss Out!

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One of the most popular categories of cryptocurrency platforms, play-to-earn ventures generated over a billion dollars in income last year. The growth of this industry poses a serious threat to more established gaming mediums. As a result, several game developers started including monetary rewards for players.

However, this doesn’t imply there aren’t issues that this business faces. Players have several complaints, including boredom, repetitive plots, and a lack of motivation. Meta Masters is working hard to address these issues, and the $4.28 million that this crypto project has already raised in the final stage of its presale demonstrates the confidence investors have in the company.

More on Meta Masters Guild

Since its announcement, Meta Masters Guild has generated considerable attention among veteran P2E gamers who are curious to learn more about the first mobile-only Web3 initiative.

In order to build a dedicated fan base, Meta Masters Guild is prioritizing the development of accessible and engaging games. Creators may rest assured that their gamers won’t quickly lose interest in the project if they take this step.

The team is currently finishing up development on many games, including Meta Masters World, NFT raid, and Meta Kart Racers. There are already several games in the works and MEMAG is actively courting additional gaming studios to release titles on its platform.

The native currency, $MEMAG, will be utilized for all in-game activities and serve as the ecosystem’s fuel. The last presale round of MEMAG is set to conclude, and the token is now valued at $0.023 USDT. And it appears that seasoned crypto investors think you won’t find another offer as fantastic as this one very soon.

Why Should You Invest In Meta Masters Guild?

Following are some of the reasons why you should definitely invest in Meta Masters Guild’s presale before it concludes:

No Fees during Signup

The makers of MEMAG addressed a major issue brought about by P2E platforms: the need to spend a hefty sum to play the games. In spite of their desire in playing, many potential players of a particular P2E game are put off by the thought of having to put down a sizable amount of cash on something about which they know very little.

The developers overcame this problem by making it possible for anybody to access the games and begin playing and earning immediately. By doing this, MEMAG is generating an enormous player pool that is more committed to the platform than those with hefty initial commitment needs. This is a key reason why crypto experts believe MEMAG’s price will skyrocket once it enters the market.

One of a kind Gaming Experience

The primary issue with P2E is that developers place too much emphasis on earning component of P2E as opposed to shifting their primary focus on the gaming experience being fun, leading to huge value increases followed by significant value decreases when users begin dumping their holdings.

MEMAG solved this problem by putting an emphasis on the gaming experience, developing a plethora of engaging games that include cutting-edge graphical prowess and innovative blockchain-based gameplay.

Everything will be part of one ecosystem that can be accessed only from a mobile device.

As the year progresses, these factors will likely cause MEMAG price to increase twenty to forty times.

Strategic Partnerships

Meta Masters Guild aims to provide GameFi with a number of mind-blowing games ever released by collaborating with top triple AAA game developers on ecosystem development.

This includes a collaboration with award-winning game developer Gamearound. Playable and satisfying interactions inside the game are a trademark of this pilot. The popular initiatives for major shops are backed by Gamearound. Boohoo, a British online clothing retailer, is one such company with a multi-billion dollar estimate.

Gideon Clifton, chief executive officer of Gamearound, has lately announced some fascinating developments involving the Meta Masters Guild. They have confirmed that the playable edition of Meta Kart Racers will be available in the third quarter of this year. Another development is that they will throw in a free NFT avatar and kart for those that sign up early.

Mega Giveaways

The concept behind the creation of the Meta Masters Guild was simple: the organization should concentrate only about the players’ experience. They’re doubling down on their claims by offering a free hundred thousand dollars’ worth of MEMAG tokens to everyone who signs up. It’s possible for everyone with even a single $MEMAG token in their holdings to enter this grand contest. Those who do certain basic things, like following the Twitter page of MEMAG, will be rewarded with more chances to win.

Regulated and Verified

The tremendous volatility and lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency market is a major drawback that has resulted in several frauds and skeletons coming out of the closet in the industry. This is why it’s usually appreciated when developers are willing to field queries from players.

Since the Meta Maters Guild has been inspected by SolidProof and KYC-Verified by CoinSniper, its developers might serve as a model for future P2E platforms by providing openness and integrity to their stakeholders.

Final Word

Play-to-earn (P2E) ventures are on the upswing once more, with some industry watchers predicting even more success this year. Rapid progress is being made by MEMAG in its bid to revitalize the GameFi market, which has attracted significant attention from the industry. The presale is expected to conclude anytime now.

Meta Masters is possibly the finest P2E of the year thanks to its numerous ground-breaking features, such as its zero entry fee, strategic partnerships, player-centric approach, its openness, immersive games, and its large cash prizes to name a few.

At the current price of $0.023 USDT per MEMAG, the project is only 12% away from reaching the presale goal. Those with knowledge of the project anticipate that trading on the CEX will commence in the second quarter of 2023. Do note that presale pricing tends to be lower than the listing price on exchanges.

The time to get MEMAG tokens is now before you lose out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a killing before the end of the year. Investors strongly advise against waiting anymore, and this could be your last chance at acquiring this token at this discounted price. Visit the official website today and participate in the presale.

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