Meta: most viewed content on Facebook

Meta publishes Facebook’s Widely Viewed Content Report showing which content is the most viewed on the social network. All data refer to the US user base in the last quarter of 2021 (Q4 2021).

Meta: users’ favourite content on Facebook?

According to reports, the new Widely Viewed Content Report aims to provide more transparency and context on what people are seeing on Facebook by sharing the most viewed domains, links, pages and posts on users’ Feeds in the US in the last quarter.

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In this sense, in Q4 2021, 86.8% of views came from posts shared by people’s friends, groups people had joined or pages they had followed.

In contrast, 10.7% came from Feed recommendations, which show people content from sources they are not connected to but might be of interest. While the final 2.5% came from less common products, such as Events, and registration discrepancies.

Moving on with the analysis, the report states that 85.4% of views in the US during the last quarter of 2021 did not include a link to a source outside of Facebook. For the 14.6% of views in posts that did include a link, they were typically from a Page the person followed.

Facebook USA
86.8% of views came from posts shared by people’s friends

Meta and the top 20 most viewed posts in the US

Finally, the same report also shows the top 20 most viewed posts in the last quarter of 2022 in the US. These are posts that contain video, photos, or text and all together accounted for 0.1% of all content views in the US.

Here are the top 3 posts with 92.3 million, 71.1 million and 64.2 million views respectively.

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