Metaverse project Gensokishi to host AMA and Giveaway with CryptoSlate


The metaverse project, Gensokishi, will be joining the CryptoSlate team for a Twitter AMA this Thursday at 2 PM UTC. You can set a reminder for the event by visiting the CryptoSlate Twitter account or directly through the tweet.

Genso AMA

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Gensokishi is an upcoming metaverse project based on the wildly successful Nintendo Switch/PS4 game Elemental Knights. They recently announced the legendary Yoshitaka Amano, who has worked on the Final Fantasy series since 1987. Amano remarked,

I have designed many characters in my career, but this was the first time for me to work with this “generative art” concept. Disassembling a character to parts and putting them back together. I had a lot of fun.

The game is expected to enter prerelease testing in two months, so this could be the first, fully functioning MMORPG metaverse game to hit the market. Players will be able to buy, trade, rent and sell ‘cosplay NFTs’ to alter the appearance of their in-game avatars. Users will also be able to build their own NFTs and import them into the game to take advantage of the UGC to Earn feature, which stands for ‘user-generated content.’ Players will also be able to claim areas of the game through staking tokens. The project is built on the layer-2 network Polygon, so NFT gas fees should be relatively inexpensive.

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If you are interested in a metaverse project that should release this year that has gameplay inherited from a game with over 8 million players, you should join us for the AMA this Thursday at 2 PM UTC on the CryptoSlate Twitter.

The full whitepaper for the project is available here. It details their vision which includes the ability:

1. to design, create, and sell their original skins and equipment,
2. to create their original NPCs and monsters,
3. to purchase rights to our in-game land (continents and maps)
4. and to design and build on the land, so that users can come in and explore


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