Mina, Icon, ATOM: the crypto of the moment

Among the most interesting crypto assets we find outsiders such as Mina or Icon but also old acquaintances such as Cosmos’ ATOM. 


Mina, which changed its name from Coda Protocol in 2020, is a chain that aims to decrease computational requirements to run decentralized Apps more easily. 

While factoring in the growing adoption of this Chain, it is designed to have contained and balanced decreases in a more efficient manner. 

Mina has been described as the world’s lightest blockchain because its size is designed to remain constant despite growth in usage.

Its size is only 22 KB, nothing compared to Bitcoin’s 300 GB.

The goal is to build a robust distributed payment system, often dubbed as minimal blockchain. 

The chain is based on Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge (zk-SNARKS), a PoC (Proof of Crypto), which is a kind of disclosure-free recognition of sensitive information. 

It keeps track of the SNARKS of the final blocks so that users who arrive last in order of time can check the ZK-SNARK (POC).

MINA is the eponymous native token and today it touched €0.701872 losing 7.45 % with a volume of €82,528,357. 

The market capitalization of the digital currency is €577,092,065 with a circulating volume of 822,217,842 MINA.


The ICON (ICX) cryptocurrency was founded 6 years ago to make it easier for different blockchain software to communicate via its network. 

ICON over time has established itself in the financial sector but also in government and healthcare.

The token today came in at €0.222481 down 0.5% with just over 6 million trades. 

It is currently one hundred forty-seventh in Market Cap with a value of $210,397,245 and a circulating ICX of 945,686,366. 

Cosmos (ATOM) 

Cosmos jumped nearly 4% this week and today, as it appreciated another 5%, it touched €12.85. 

Its run took it -68.74% from the all time high of €41.11. 

As of today, there are 286,370,297 ATOM in circulation.

Atom is the crypto of blockchains that are scalable and can communicate with each other; indeed, the goal of the development team is to achieve a decentralized Internet of blockchains.

The chain is proof-of-stake, and those who own the token can receive other ATOM as rewards by staying active.

The chain is formed by the Tendermint consensus (Cosmos Hub and Cosmos SDK) and the BFT consensus. 

Another goal is to unlock liquidity and enhance DeFi for staking within Cosmos.

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