Mt. Gox registration and repayment deadlines pushed back again

The payee deadline for the selection and registration, in regard to Mt. Gox’s rehabilitation plan, has been postponed to April 6 after obtaining court approval.

An announcement notes that this may be the last such extension. “In the interest of making the repayments to rehabilitation creditors as early as possible, unless there are unavoidable reasons, further extension of the deadline will be difficult,” it reads.

A court has also granted permission for the rehabilitation trustee to change the base repayment deadline, early lump-sum repayment deadline and intermediate repayment deadline to Oct. 31 from Sept. 30. This means repayments will now go out between April 6 and Oct. 31.

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Mt. Gox is a defunct bitcoin exchange that dominated the industry’s early days before ceasing operations in 2014 after losing hundreds of thousands of bitcoins.

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