Nature’s Vault Offers an Environmental Solution for Gold Mining

Nature’s Vault is launching its website on the 27th of April 2022 to promote its vision of unlocking the value of Natural Capital using preservation instead of exploitation. 

Nature’s Vault utilizes blockchain technology to unlock the value of in-ground mineral assets without actually mining them and damaging the environment in the process.

The project encourages people to invest in the planet’s future by accelerating funding of effective climate-change initiatives and promoting progress toward a net-zero future.

Nature’s Vault has pioneered a solution to unnecessary gold mining by monetizing gold preservation as part of its first initiative.

The project aims to protect the Earth’s Natural Capital, including ecosystems like forests, ground soil, waterways, and more, from being affected by dangerous human activities.

The proceeds from token sales will be used to acquire additional mining rights and increase the token’s liquidity. $LEGACY represents the preservation of a minimum of 0.01 grams of gold.

Token purchasers will have the opportunity to trade $LEGACY on global digital exchanges.

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About Nature’s Vault

Nature’s Vault LLC is an ESG finance platform designed to accelerate the funding of impact investments to combat climate change and ecosystem damage.

Launched in 2022, nature’s vault expects to be the first to create a blockchain-powered platform to tokenize projects focused on preserving Natural Capital – the planet’s natural resources and the ecosystem services they provide. 

The company’s first project involves avoiding the environmental impact and carbon emissions caused by gold mining while utilizing tokenization to preserve in-ground gold deposits.

It has operations and a presence in North America and Asia. 

To learn more, visit the social media channels:

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