Neptune GameFi Orbiting on Metis

Exciting little magical creatures called ‘Nepers’ from Neptune are marching their way onto the Metis Layer 2 ecosystem this month! Neptune is an exciting and intricate gaming platform as it combines gaming with NFTs, DeFi, and DAO governance for a community experience that holds true to the ethos of decentralization. As a result of these values a strategic partnership was struck between Metis, its native DeX Netswap, and Neptune! With Metis offering cheap transactions, and instantaneous speed coupled with Netswap’s liquidity pool for Neptune token holders we get to see much added value for Neptune game players as they explore Neptune! Add to the mix killer graphics and visually stunning gameplay, Neptune is changing the Web3 gaming landscape!

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The World of Neptune

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Neptune is the underwater world of Nepers, the fearless NFT characters players can adventure and take to battle and earn NFTs, governance and more! Each Neper has different traits and elemental skills to assist players on their journey through Neptune, and as battles are won, players can advance the power and capabilities of their Neper team. Learn more about how to acquire and play Nepers here.

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