One in a Million: From $1 to $1MM | by Dylan Cunningham | The Capital | Jun, 2022

How my wife, children, and I are growing $1 into $1MM. Join us!

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“You don’t have what it takes.”

“You will try and fail, just like last time.”

“Stop being so focused on money, there is more to life than money.”

These are the taunting voices telling me to quit, to back down, to focus on what I do best, and stop reaching for the stars.

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I have never seen $1MM in my bank account. Not even close! However, I am confident it is possible. In fact, I have been confident about this for two years now. Why haven’t I pulled the trigger?

Well, I am done making excuses, and my family and I are committed. Would you like to join us?

Our goal is to hustle our way from $1 to $1MM. The rules of the road are that you cannot use your own resources or funds to increase your dollar, you must only use $1 to start with, your extra time (outside of your 9–5), your wits and so forth. My wife and I are also willing to count money we save from our monthly expenses, since this will take time and effort outside of our normal day-to-day.

Why these rules? Well, it makes it a little more challenging, gets us out of our comfort zone, and levels the playing field. After we accomplish our goal, nobody can say we really didn’t do it (because we will be documenting along the way) or that we had more than they, so of course we could. I want to make this a possibly in our lives, and I want to make it possible in other’s lives. Everyone has $1 and time they could spare. Am I wrong?

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Here’s a list of “jobs” we want to try, and what dollar range these will make most sense to begin:

  • Online surveys, online jurying, write Medium articles, refer people to investment apps for stock, and other silly/random ideas ($1 to $500)
  • Flip merchandise from places like TJMaxx, garage sales, etc. on Ebay, FB marketplace, etc. ($1 to $1K)
  • Obtain free or cheap furniture and refurbish for profit ($500 to $5K)
  • Teach programming, data science, or other skills ($1K to $10K)
  • Flip cars, freelance, consulting ($5K to $10K)
  • Flip land, rentals to Airbnb, etc. ($10K to $50K)
  • Flip houses, start a business, etc. ($10K to $100K)
  • Invest in real estate with multiple apartments ($50K to $200K)
  • Grow anything from above to produce enough revenue, and wait enough time hustling and bustling ($100K to $1MM)

What ideas do you have to add to this list of potentials?

Let’s being this challenge. Want to being with us? If not, consider following me, we’re going to do this and I want you to get pumped about it.

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