Oryen Network DeFi Project Launching As People Lose Trust In CEXs Like Huobi (HT) And Crypto.com (CRO)

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Trust in crypto exchanges is at an all-time low, especially after recent turmoil surrounding FTX sent shockwaves throughout the crypto industry. If exchanges are no longer safe places to keep your investments, where should you put your money? Thankfully, there are still safe places that can be extremely profitable over time.

That’s why hype is continuing to grow around Oryen (ORY). Not only is it an extremely safe place to keep your crypto investments: it’s also extremely profitable. Industry experts like Jim Crypto have been singing ORY’s praises for some time now, and it looks set to make big moves out of presale when it officially launches. Now’s the perfect time to invest before it moons even further. Here’s why:

Oryen Network (ORY) restores trust in the crypto industry with big presale moves

While trust might be evaporating from much of the crypto scene, ORY gives you the strongest set of credentials as part of a platform you can really believe in. With presale five just about to start, prices have continued to rise for early investors—and there’s still time left to join them. By implementing Oryen’s revolutionary Autostaking Technic, all the hassle associated with external crypto staking is eliminated, with fast rebase rewards paid out incrementally every hour at a rate of 0.177% per day. This compounds over time to an astounding 90% fixed-rate APY, dwarfing passive earning opportunities in the rest of the crypto world. It’s the first truly passive income earner that looks set to bring the benefits of DeFi straight into the hands of mainstream investments. With ORY: all you have to do is buy, hold, and earn.

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Huobi still way down from all-time highs

Much like many other cryptos right now, HT has been struggling to recapture its former glory. However, unlike many other cryptos, HT isn’t trying to bounce back to highs of a year or more ago: it was more than double its current price just one month back. That leaves some investors confident of a quicker rebound, but others have started to look elsewhere in the crypto world for solid investments that have more room to shine: like ORY.

Crypto.com (CRO) investors remain confident, but there might be better alternatives

As one of the most recognizable mainstream crypto brands, crypto.com has been enjoying increased infrastructure investments, and insiders still have a strong outlook for the platform’s future. But as we’ve seen with FTX: mainstream recognition is no guarantee of success. And while centralized exchanges are an easy access point for crypto newcomers, their stability is now under serious scrutiny. That’s why better alternatives are growing in popularity. Better alternatives like ORY.


People are losing faith in centralized exchanges, but CRO and HR still have the credentials needed to bounce back. However, ORY has the best chance for success right now, which is why many crypto investors are moving their funds over. Now’s the time to join them.

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