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A close to 259 billion Shiba Inu meme tokens has been destroyed, as per the owner of the business that regularly burns SHIB

Steven Cooper, owner of Bigger Entertainment that makes substantial SHIB burns on a regular basis, has taken to Twitter to spread the word that a massive amount of SHIB have been taken out of circulation recently.

259 million SHIB burnt, 1 billion+ to be gone next week

Nearly 259 billion Shiba Inu tokens have been incinerated recently by all the burning teams in the SHIB army who are struggling to reduce the circulating amount of the second largest meme coin.

He did not specify the exact period these burns have been made for, however, it is probably since late October – the time when Bigger Entertainment itself began to send Shiba Inu tokens to one of the dead wallets.

He also stated that thanks to the joined efforts of all burning initiatives that are working at the moment, next week, more than a billion SHIB will be gone for good as well. Cooper’s company is giving a scheduled SHIB burn party on February 14 live on their YouTube channel.

The amount of SHIB in their burn pot is growing every day. So far, it totals 210,022,974 tokens.

Over 500 million SHIB to be gone in four days

According to the data shared by another Twitter account that regularly burns SHIB, @317_key, on February 15, the team of the Brick Buster game intends to conduct a massive token burn in just four days – on February 15.

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They plan to incinerate more than 500 million SHIB coins. That is worth $15,404 at the current SHIB/USD exchange rate.

As for the @317_key user, they tweeted that in February so far they have burned 77,745,383 SHIB in February so far ($2,500) and plan to destroy a $10,000 worth of the meme crypto by the end of the month.

6.07 million coins burned in 24 hours

Shibburn Twitter account has reported that in the last twenty-four hours, a combined of 6,070,295 SHIB has been moved to a dead wallet in six transactions.

The recently launched Shibburn website duplicates figures from etherscan about burned SHIB tokens, putting data about SHIB sent to different dead wallets into one feed.

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