Paulo Renftle: the interview with the artist NFT

As previously announced, The Cryptonomist and The Nemesis have solidified their partnership with the launch of the first talk show in the metaverse

Now in its sixth episode, today’s interview is with NFT artist and photographer Paulo Renftle.

The Nemesis & The Cryptonomist: new metaverse and NFT-themed interviews

The Nemesis had already partnered with The Cryptonomist for several events and interviews held in virtual mode, and will now host this innovative initiative in its metaverse.

The Talk show will cover a variety of topics ranging from crypto to digital art to the world of NFTs. Each week there will be guests in the virtual living room ready to discuss the latest news in this field. 

With the creation of this groundbreaking project, The Cryptonomist and The Nemesis are laying the foundation for what may be the future of communication and edutainment by once again establishing themselves as pioneers in the field

Who is NFT artist Paulo Renftle

Paulo Renftle is an Italian photographer who collaborates with all the most famous magazines in the world, capturing shots primarily with female subjects, but also of high-fashion objects such as high-profile cars and luxury watches.

He started in the NFT world in 2021 through a collaboration with the Ferruccio Lamborghini museum whose famous collectible Miuras he portrayed. These photographs were then sold as NFTs, selling out in a matter of hours.

Paulo now also debuts on SuperRare and the Italian platform Ninfa.

Watch the video here:

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