PayPal Killer SDK Converts Platforms to Web 3.0 in 10 Lines of Code

April 7, 2022 – Venice, United States

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Algorand Foundation-backed project Smile Coin has released the public testnet version of their highly anticipated web 3.0 SDK. The SDK allows any web 2.0 platform to become a web 3.0 platform with only 10 lines of code.

The SDK creates a payment gateway that enables gaming companies to accept payments and pay users out in SMILE and gives users access to Smile Coin Network play-to-earn incentives.

By virtue of adding their financial transactions to the blockchain, players are automatically enrolled into the Smile Coin Network’s dApp“> Smile Coin Network’s DApp. The DApp gives users access to transaction analytics, unparalleled rewards for consecutive daily play on any in-network partner platform, up to 125% APY staking, mini-games, airdrops and more. The effect of these incentives is a massive uptick in user retention and value, as evidenced by the first platform to integrate the private mainnet version of the SDK – Grin Gaming.

Grin Gaming is the first platform to integrate the mainnet beta SDK, and their results are nothing short of eye-popping. Grin has reported a nearly 1,000% increase in revenue since integrating the Smile Coin SDK and boasts a 32% 30-day retention rate for players who transact with SMILE, smashing the industry average by 10 times.

The team’s motivation for building the payment gateway stemmed from a problem they kept hearing from gaming companies – “We are a federally and state-level legal business, but PayPal refuses to do business with us.”

As avid gamers themselves, they realized that Algorand’s layer one DeFi protocol was the perfect tool for using the blockchain to allow gaming startups to efficiently monetize their hard work, and thus, more quickly implement the tech and financial processing tools they need to start operations. Without payment processing, no digital platform can exist, and Smile democratizes the process for businesses interested in transacting on the blockchain.

One of the most innovative features of the Smile Coin SDK is the ‘concierge wallet service.’ This feature allows interested players to securely create an Algorand wallet funded with SMILE with just a phone number and email address, taking significant friction out of the process. This service also allows players to purchase more SMILE (and ALGO) directly from the SDK, without ever having to use an exchange.

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Such simple on-ramping and funding for new users of Smile and Algorand will enable even more rapid growth of the Algorand ecosystem. With the goal of abstracting the confusing parts of blockchain and enabling DeFi to make the payments world more equitable for everyone, Smile Coin’s payment gateway is open to all legal businesses.

It is a shot across the bow for traditional finance companies who utilize their monopoly power to refuse payment capabilities to legitimate small businesses that present a competitive threat. In so doing, Smile Coin is bringing innovative competitive forces back to a payments industry that has long been controlled by arcane rules and crony capitalism.

About SmileCoin

Smile Coin sees web 3.0 play-to-earn entertainment as the inevitable future of the entire gaming industry, and they are thrilled to partner with amazing pioneers in the space to already offer more than 50,000 network players more ways to earn while providing companies a seamless way to start processing crypto payments.

As a team of over 10 engineers and security analysts, they have seen it all, and their engineering practices reflect the lessons they’ve learned.

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Nick Bucheleres, CEO of Smile Coin

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