Plan ₿ and FC Lugano: a team for innovation in soccer with payments in Bitcoin and Tether

Recently, Plan ₿ joined with FC Lugano in a strategic partnership in the world of soccer, involving payments in Bitcoin, Tether and more. 

This partnership includes a major sponsorship with the Plan ₿ logo prominently displayed on the front of jerseys during international competitions. 

In addition, the partnership offers a unique opportunity for fans as it allows them to use Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA to purchase tickets, merchandise, food and drinks inside the stadium. 

An innovative synergy between the world of sports and crypto.

See below for all the details.

The innovative partnership with Lugano and new payments in soccer with Tether 

As anticipated above, the HCL club is excited to share the new agreement that will extend for two seasons with the creators of “Lugano’s Plan ₿.” 

This initiative, developed in partnership with the City of Lugano and the cryptocurrency Tether, aims to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin technology and use it as a basis for restructuring the city’s financial infrastructure. 

“Lugano’s Plan ₿,” therefore, officially joins the Partners within the Sponsorship structure of FC Lugano SA.

A key aspect of this cooperation is the acquisition by “Lugano’s Plan ₿” of the position of Leading Partner in UEFA club competitions. This is reflected in the occupation of the prestigious center front space on the official jerseys of the First Team. 

This initiative kicks off starting with the first leg match of the UEFA Europa League Play-offs on 24 August 2023 in Brussels against Royale Union Saint-Gilloise. 

An agreement also made possible through the partnership with AIL, the club’s Leading Partner, which will have its name applied on the sleeve in continental competitions. 

Not only that, this partnership also extends to several areas. Picking up on the connection with the Swiss Cup initiated on 15 May 2022, when the team celebrated a historic victory against St. Gallen, the logo “Lugano’s Plan ₿” will make an appearance on the back of the official jerseys in the Bianconeri Cup. 

Finally, “Lugano’s Plan ₿” will become the Premium Partner of the Lugano U21 (Hoval Promotion League), the HCL Academy and, in the women’s sphere, the First Team and the youth sector.

Some statements about the new soccer partnership 

We see that Martin Blaser, delegate of the Board of Directors of F.C. Lugano SA, said the following about the new partnership: 

“We are extremely pleased to announce today our collaboration “Lugano’s Plan ₿””. What began with the advertising presence at the 2022 Swiss Cup Final in Bern will continue in an attractive and innovative way for both parties over the next two years.

We are convinced that this intelligently conceived partnership will be just the beginning of a lasting collaboration. We wish to thank those responsible for “Lugano’s Plan ₿” for their trust and generous support.”

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether, also expressed his enthusiasm on the matter: 

“Tether, as part of Plan₿, is excited to join FC Lugano on a journey that combines passion for football with cryptocurrency innovation. This collaboration not only underscores our commitment to Lugano’s vibrant community, but also demonstrates our belief in the power of cryptocurrencies to drive positive change locally and globally.”

Luganodes: a pillar of Lugano’s Plan B in blockchain validation

Recently, Luganodes, a staking-as-a-service provider, positioned itself as an integral part of Lugano’s Plan B initiative, supported by Lugano and Tether. Data provided by PoolBay indicate that Luganodes earns about 4% of the total staking rewards for Tron. 

In addition, the company focuses on several blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and many others.

The only associate registered for Luganodes with the Canton of Ticino’s commercial register is Davide Rovelli

The latter plays a prominent role at both Bitfinex and Tether, although these connections have not been declared by the companies involved.

In addition, Rovelli is the founder of AltKey SA, the company behind Plan B, a joint initiative between the city of Lugano and Tether to promote the adoption of Bitcoin technology.

This plan financed a “100 million-plus Swiss franc investment pool” funded by Tether, helping to make Bitcoin accepted at McDonald’s in Lugano.

The corporate records of Luganodes and AltKey show that each of the companies was funded with 110,0000 USDT.  

We emphasize that this partnership between Luganodes and Plan B in Lugano represents an example of Tether’s approach to blockchain validation and expansion in Bitcoin mining operations through the Tether Energy initiative.

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