Platypus Set To Release GameFi Edition and Yield Boosting NFT

Platypus Set To Release GameFi Edition and Yield Boosting NFT

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Platypus, a single-sided AMM designed to exchange stable cryptocurrencies, has finally announced it will be launching its gamified interface in May 2022 under the name ‘Platopia’.

The new gamified interface will reportedly help the platform transform how users interact with decentralized exchanges. Within the Platopia realm, users will be able to mint and trade utility NFTs to catalyze superior yield performance. Platypus has been leading the race with its novel AMM genius algorithmic and innovative concepts.

As Platypus drives into the GameFi market, it is crucial to note that the platform is not solely turning to GameFi. Notably, the platform will still allow users to use their original interface that has become part of the Platypus ecosystem for a long time.

Platopia is created as a city-building simulation game that allows players to stake their crypto assets and earn rewards creatively and for fun. The game starts in dissolute snow land after an apocalypse. As per the roadmap, the first phase of Platopia will be a gamified interface. Later, the development team plans to release a full-on world of interactivity. 

The Platopia realm’s revolutionary feature is its yields boost NFT, which seeks to change how liquidity providers earn returns with various advantages and features. There are 10,000 Platypus NFTs to be minted that come with more spice and spark. Note each NFT is a unique platypus hero with randomly generated attributes. The attributes are brought together indiscriminately through the minting process to create a score that determines the class of NFT. 

In addition, the platypus heroes also come with one skill. A platypus hero can have the speedo skill, pudgy skill, gifted skill, diligent skill, or the hibernate skill. Speedo speeds up vePTP generation in percentage, Pudgy increases vePTP cap in percentage, while the Gifted skill increases users’ vePTP through a fixed amount. Diligent increases vePTP generation by a fixed amount, and Hierante helps a player retain a portion of vePTP upon unstaking. Combined with the NFT score, these skills notably influence yield boosting capabilities. 

While the platform allows users to possess more than one NFT, each address can only be equipped with one NFT for yield boosting. Notably, Platypus NFT owners also enjoy other benefits, including having an exclusive Discord channel. The NFT holders will also have access to leaks for big updates and announcements.

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