Pocket Network now supercharging OEC’s infrastructure for decentralized scalability

Pocket Network, an infrastructure middleware protocol that facilitates decentralized cloud computing and abundant bandwidth on full nodes to other applications in Web3 across 37 blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Fuse, and Harmony, is now partnered with OEC (formerly OKExChain).

 OEC has established ecological partnerships with more than 30 institutions and projects from public chains, browsers, wallets, mining pools, and security agencies, including BitKeep, Cosmostation, Hoo, Math, Onto, Renrenbit, SWFT, TokenPocket, and many other digital wallets, as well as institutions such as Gravity, Achain, WAVES, and DoraHacks. Pocket Network is excited to work with OEC, decentralizing the EVM-compatible chain’s node infrastructure. This Cosmos-based chain is now prepared for new heights and uses cases in DeFi without fear of growing pains for these existing partnerships and new ones forged moving forward.

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Pocket’s global network of over 30k+ nodes ensures apps on OEC chain are serviced with low latency, redundancy, and load balancing automatically. OEC users can always rely on Pocket’s infrastructure with 100% uptime, and OEC developers can focus exclusively on building amazing products for the OEC ecosystem. 

The OEC is developing rapidly, especially in the Metaverse, which has made significant progress, so the requirements for infrastructure are getting higher and higher. At the same time, OEC’s commitment to decentralization is always the highest. I am glad to see that Pocket Network will be a critical part of the OEC ecosystem to offer more efficient and reliable services for OEC developers.” – Chai Li.

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Pocket Network is thrilled about the future of our partnership with OEC, and what it means for cross-collaboration between networks, decentralization, and EVM compatibility on other blockchains besides Ethereum. 

About Pocket Network

Pocket Network, a blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 applications is a platform built for applications that use cost-efficient economics to coordinate and distribute data at scale. It enables seamless and secure interactions between blockchains and across applications. With Pocket, the use of blockchains can be simply integrated into websites, mobile apps, IoT, and more, giving developers the freedom to put blockchain-enabled applications into the “pocket” of every mainstream consumer. For more information visit pokt.network.

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