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In an effort to logically extend his artwork to the virtual space while reaching out to a wider fanbase, London-based Ghanian Artist, Kojo Marfo is delighted to announce his upcoming NFT collection.

Marfo is a passionate art creator who considers art as a communication tool that allows him to tap into a growing pool of creativity and ideas. Marfo is triggered to venture into the NFT space as they have proven to be the next frontier of communication for artists and create a connection between the real and digital world.

According to the announcement, Kojo Marfo has seen cooperation from the JD Malat Gallery after he had successfully showcased his unique art pieces at Great Britain and was deemed worthy of further support by the gallery. As such, JD Malat Gallery will be supporting Kojo Marfo in minting the NFT collection scheduled to happen throughout April 2022. The artist also revealed he has borrowed elements from Pablo Picasso, artifacts, and masks to aid the minting process.

Artist Marfo believes that NFTs are a medium to reach new people whether they want to invest or are passionate about the art world. Thus, his proposed NFT collection will reflect a strong virtual connection with his physical works.

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Marfo’s NFT collection is created through a base of 250 features that are distributed through an algorithm to generate unique NFTs. The artwork is inspired by history and Marfo’s Ghanaian origins.




The announcement unveiled that Marfo’s upcoming NFT collection is aimed at three basic missions which include increasing visibility of Marfo’s work through new connections, donating a share of the NFT proceeds to a charity of choice, and allowing a wider audience to experience Marfo’s artwork and obtain it if they choose to.

The announcement sees Kojo Marfo conveying a message of hope and understanding to all current and future collectors of his work. He urges them to take the time to think, sit, and reflect on the journey we call life.

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