Poseidon DAO: the second Deploy Collection

Following the success of the first work in the Deploy Collection, in collaboration with Chinese artist Yu Cai, for the second edition Poseidon DAO is joined by the talented Orkhan Isayev.

The artist Orkhan Isayev

Having recently approached the NFT world, Orkhan Isayev has been an immediate success with collectors. When creating his works, as can be read more in-depth in Poseidon’s blog, he references futurism and the Deco style that influenced not only the three arts, but also fashion and design between the 1920s and 1940s. 

Not only that: the monumental relics of the past are surrounded by hyper-technological, movie-inspired buildings ranging from Star Wars to Blade Runner

The resulting images are thus those of futuristic cities, dominated by a sense of calm and peace due to the use of uniform, flat colors and clean design.

Poseidon DAO: Deploy Collection No. 2

The work chosen by the artist for the collaboration with Poseidon is “VICTORY Aircraft – Artemis Classic Y5” and is a perfect synthesis of the artistic journey so far.

It will be possible to mint the work next on Monday, 28 November 2022 at 9 PM (CET) on the Monifold platform

The minting price is 0.075 ETH per NFT and there are only 250 works available

Again, everyone who buys the work will get Poseidon DAO tokens in airdrop when it is released. 

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