Project rundown interview with Sealemlab | by The Capital | The Capital | Jun, 2022

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Sealem Lab was founded to define the next generation of DeFi and GameFi protocols. We hope to provide users with a safe and stable financial system to help users allocate funds in the Web3 era.

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What we value most in Sealem is the safety and stable growth of users’ funds. As a financial system, we do not want the assets of those who trust us to shrink in Sealem.

After entering 2022, it actually means that the Internet era is changing from Web2 to Web3. Sealem Lab will use the unique DeFi financial model to cooperate with GameFi. It is expected to become the most influential financial institution in the Web3 era in the current economic recession.

We have now been audited by Certik and raised $2 million in financing. But what I am most proud of is that although our GameFi product has not been launched yet, many users have been invited to try it out, and the feedback from users is good.

In the future, we can foresee that Web3 has completely replaced Web2, and ordinary people can use Sealem Finance to make their funds appreciate continuously and stably. There are also some players who can earn income on Sealem through GameFi to reduce the financial pressure in their lives.

Our project founder is Osman, who is an excellent Web3 practitioner. Sealem Team is mainly composed of game technicians, game operation teams, and blockchain-related practitioners.

Currently working with us are Bitkeep Wallet, ONTO Wallet, The capital, Nuls, TokenPocket, etc. All our partner agencies have been very helpful to us.




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