Promising Nudes, But Draining Your Wallet

Tinder crypto scammers are using emotional manipulation and sheer trickery to obtain access the wallets of singles on the dating app.

Social media is the darling of hackers lately. And there’s some new scams in town. Online fraudsters are now going for Tinder users. They are convincing them to download fake crypto apps, and then plundering their wallets. Or they are catfishing them and getting the information they need outright.

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According to a cyber forensics service based in Bulgaria, new romance scams have been dubbed ‘CryptoRoms.’ They say the scams are fooling a huge number of victims into transferring their digital assets to third-party applications, and their crypto is never seen again.

Tinder crypto scams explained

Tinder verification scam: A fraudster asks a Tinder user to verify their profile on the app. Scammers send a link that seems like a Tinder verification. But, it links to a third-party website. The sketchy site asks for information: name, birth date, email, and credit card number. Scammers use the information to wreak havoc.

Catfishing on Tinder: Scammers create fake profiles on the dating app. Usually, the scammers act like women but are typically males. They offer nudes or emotional attention in exchange for crypto or information about wallets. They put a huge amount of time into the victim until they get the sensitive information they are after.

Tinder Crypto Scammers: Promising Nudes, But Draining Your Wallet

Someone super-attracted to you? Beware

According to Cyber Forensics, a recent Tinder scam involved a US man named Mike, who reported being swindled out of $277,000 worth of crypto funds. He said he thought Jenny from Malaysia loved him.

Timothy Benson of the bitcoin recovery company said, “Crypto scammers on Tinder use emotion and enthusiasm to obtain access to a profile user’s personal information like amount in crypto wallet, private keys to wallets, and other financial assets. The perpetrators then use the information to conduct their fraud.”

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Here is a thorough guide on how to avoid a crypto scam.

Tinder crypto scammers: Here’s how to avoid it

-Don’t share private information EVEN IF YOU ARE IN LOVE.
-The most basic thing you can do is see if photos have been stolen. Do a reverse image search, you are likely to find the pics on an innocent person’s Instagram account.
-Get expert advice before investing in any scheme.
-Match Tinder profiles to other profiles of that person, do your research, find out their actual position in an actual company. Even then, be suspicious.
-Withdraw from any conversation where the other person starts asking for sensitive information, no matter how much this hurts your feelz.
-Collect any photos, phone numbers or emails scammers give you before they erase them.
-Report the scam to local authorities.
-Report the scammer to Tinder

Tinder Crypto Scammers: Promising Nudes, But Draining Your Wallet

Reclaiming Stolen Crypto

There are companies that specialize in reclaiming stolen crypto, although there’s no guarantees to get any or all of it back. The best course of action is to never give out your information to anyone unless in very specific circumstances.

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