Reddit is Creating a New NFT Marketplace for Users to “Create and Own Digital Goods”

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Tobias Lewis

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Reddit is looking for a new team to develop its own unique NFT marketplace


Reddit appears to be in the process of developing a new NFT marketplace after job listings at the company were posted on their career website advertising opportunities to become part of a new NFT platform team.

Reddit wants to create its own NFT marketplace

Reddit has put out job advertisements for managers and engineers to join its new team looking to “build the largest creator economy on the internet, powered by independent creators, digital goods, and NFTs.” The fundamental goal is to create a system where users can “create NFTs to offer other Redditors, and earn financially by selling goods.”

Reddit calls NFTs the “most explosive movement in the world of crypto” at the moment that are revolutionizing how digital assets are owned in both online games and, in the near future, the Metaverse.

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NFTs offer a unique opportunity to create vibrant communities

The job advertisements say that Reddit has seen how vibrant communities are developing around NFT collections, and the company wishes to harness this to further develop “a sense of participation and belonging” in the Reddit community.

NFT-backed digital goods not only allow owners to support their favorite content creators but also to “convey the values, mores and memes of a community.” Indeed, more and more celebrities, such as Madonna and Taylor Swift, are entering the NFT market to engage with fans.

Reddit believes that the “NFT movement has only just begun” and sees their new marketplace project as a continuance of their company ethos of being the “front-page of the internet.”

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