Ripple’s David Schwartz Links XRP Ledger to 1984 Apple Game Rescue Raiders

Ripple’s one trillion-dollar man, David Schwartz, has revealed there’s a connection between the XRP ledger and the 1984 epic apple game Rescue Raiders.

The Chief Technical Officer of Ripple made the disclosure on his Twitter account, inferring that there exists a link between the widely used XRP ledger and the old but remarkable game.

While the programmer did not mention the connection, there’s truly a link between the two technologies.

The Rescue Raiders game is an Apple II Scrolling shooter designed by Arthur Britto and Greg Hale. The game gained wide prominence and mentioned among Next Generation’s “Top 100 Games of All Time.”

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The game, today, is said to be an inspiration to the creation of Super Army War. Importantly, it paved way for the invention of the Three-Sixty Pacific launched by Armor Alley in 1991.

Arthur Britto, who co-designed the game, also collaborated in the design of XRP Ledger extensively used to send XRP tokens, fiat currencies and many a number of cryptocurrency today.

Who’s Arthur Britto?

Although he’s said to be non-existent, Britto is among the creator of XRP Ledger. The phenomenon programmer has been in the software industry way back, but not much is known about him other than being the creator of Rescue Raiders before joining forces to design the XRP Ledger.

Arthur Britto remains obscure to a large number of tech audience, this age that lots of inventors are paying a lot to be popular or gain the glory they never worked for.

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Is Britto, the co-founder of Ripple, Truly Non-existent?

Britto, who is part of the creators of XRP Ledger, has been said to be hiding from public glare. The software cum crypto expert has not been pictured in any conference or seen publicly contributing to the development of the cryptocurrency world.

It becomes very hard to phantom why the co-creator of XRP Ledger, on top of which the third-largest cryptocurrency XRP is built, remains hidden.

To the crypto world’s dismay, Britto has not been pictured at any event or interviewed in any public or private forum, but Ripple workers have claimed at several points in time that the man really exists and has been involved in everything at Ripple.

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It is clear that Britto exists but the reason he decided to hide from the public is not clear. This, his colleagues at Ripple have managed to appreciate. Former Ripple advisor, Alan Safahi, had once confirmed to a crypto publication that Britto is real and an oracle. He claimed he was “one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

While his nationality is also unknown, the tech-guy is still with Ripple, despite rumors that he cofounded a crypto custody platform Polysign.

David Schwartz had earlier revealed that XRP Ledger is a joint effort between Jed McCaled, Arthur Britto and Chris Larsen.

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