Seedify Launches Groundbreaking Seed Staking Feature

Seedify, the leading blockchain gaming incubation, and launchpad platform is set to release its industry-first seed staking feature on April 8th, 2022

Seed staking is a mechanism that will give holders of Seedify‘s native token, $SFUND, the opportunity to receive free tokens from new blockchain gaming and metaverse projects incubated and closely supported by Seedify.

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Introduction to Seedify

Over the past year, Seedify rose from a community launch project, purely bootstrapped and having received no outside funding, to emerge as one of the top launchpad platforms in the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Following its pivot on August 1st of last year, Seedify became the first gaming-only focused incubator and launchpad in the blockchain space.

The Seedify team forged numerous partnerships, building an extensive network of industry, VC, and marketing connections.

The platform has hosted over 50 successful IGOs (initial game offerings), including some of the top launches of 2021, namely; Bloktopia, Cryowar, and SIDUS Heroes. 

Focused on both supporting innovators while simultaneously driving innovation, Seedify has already announced the upcoming April launch of its NFT Launchpad, along with Seedify NFT Space,  the industry’s first NFT marketplace for blockchain gaming and metaverse assets. 

The addition of Seed Staking will add another utility feature to $SFUND, along with providing additional cost-free value for its holders, with a mechanism not available through any other launchpad platform in the ecosystem.

“We are beyond thrilled to be able to bring this opportunity to our token holders,” said Levent Cem Aydan, founder and CEO of Seedify, about the launch of Seedify’s groundbreaking product.

“Continuously bringing more value for $SFUND holders is at the forefront of everything we do,” Mr. Aydan, continued, “With the launch of Seed Staking, which is actually highlighted as one of the core mechanisms in our original whitepaper, we are able to leverage our connections and network, along with the additional experience we’ve gained in this space, to consistently provide new opportunities, through the distribution of high-quality gaming tokens from the projects we incubate. Without the requirements of any additional costs or efforts for our community.”

What is Seed Staking?

Seed Staking is one of Seedify’s initial flagship value propositions. It allows $SFUND holders who stake or farm their tokens through the Seedify staking dashboard to receive free tokens from the new projects incubated by Seedify at no extra cost.

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This is in addition to receiving $SFUND staking rewards, along with gaining access to IGOs, INOs and IMOs on Seedify’s launchpads for tier-qualifying participants.

Through its incubation program, Seedify provides blockchain gaming and metaverse startups with valuable advisory and support services, ranging from tokenomics design, marketing, VC, and exchange connections to ongoing guidance.

In exchange for its services, expertise, and support, Seedify receives a large number of tokens from these projects.

With the launch of Seed Staking, Seedify will distribute a portion of these tokens to the $SFUND holders participating in its staking program.

How does Seed Staking work?

Starting April 8th, daily snapshots will be taken of participating wallets, staking, or farming on the Seedify staking dashboard.

Through the snapshots, participants will receive daily points based on their staked $SFUND amount, with the points total being viewable in their dashboard profile.

Upon the release of the new projects’ tokens, per each project’s token vesting schedule, Seedify will distribute a portion of the tokens received to $SFUND staking and farming participants.

Each wallet will get a share of the tokens based on their accumulated share of the total points from the daily staking snapshots. 

With the combination of its incubation and Seed Staking functions, Seedify will be able to provide tremendous value for new blockchain gaming and metaverse startups while bringing new use-cases to $SFUND and valuable new opportunities for $SFUND token holders.

To participate and take advantage of Seedify’s new Seed Staking opportunity, please refer to the following links:

Purchase $SFUND on Pancakeswap

Purchase $SFUND on Kucoin

Find more about staking.

About Seedify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a full support system to help drive the future of gaming and blockchain.

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