Serum Launches Accelerator To Support Promising Projects

  • The Serum project has launched an accelerator to help promising projects build on its platform
  • The accelerator is aimed at catapulting the projects past the startup phase
  • The participants of the accelerator were winners of the Convergence Hackathon by Serum
  • The first batch of projects participating in the accelerator will be focus on DeFi and NFTs

The Serum (SRM) project has launched an accelerator program to assist promising projects building on the platform. The accelerator by Serum will be focused on growing these projects past the startup stage thus boosting the entire ecosystem.

The accelerator will provide the participants with the required mentorship, resources, and training needed to take each project to the next level of releasing a functional product.

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The initial participants of the accelerator were winners of Serum’s Convergence Hackathon that was held between January 7th and February 2nd of this year.

According to the official announcement by Serum, the projects focus on the various aspects of DeFi and NFTs as explained below.

The first cohort of 10-week long Accelerator features 12 different startups building protocols on various areas ranging from DeFi, financialization of NFT, GameFi, as well as hybrid DeFi and TradFi products.

Serum will be actively investing in each of the participants and will be organizing round table conversations, presentations, and hands-on mentorship led by leading experts in the DeFi and Web3 space. At the end of the 10 weeks, a Demo Day will be hosted.

More on Serum (SRM)

Built on Solana (SOL), Serum is a decentralized exchange with a trustless cross-chain trading. Serum is designed to be fast with low transaction costs. The SRM token is at the core of Serum as it is used to pay for fees. It also serves as a governance token for the decentralized exchange.

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The Serum (SRM) project was created by a group of partners that include the FTX exchange, Alameda Research and the Solana Foundation.

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