Several Restaurants Are Saying “Yes” to BTC Payments

Several restaurants across the United States are beginning to say “yes” to bitcoin and crypto payments.

Restaurants and Crypto… A Perfect Match?

The hype surrounding crypto as a payment method is beginning to take hold, and several high-profile eateries throughout America are now beginning to allow their customers to pay with digital assets. Cambo Flare, for example, is an Asian fusion restaurant in Big Lake, Minnesota. Since opening in November of 2020, the customers who walk in to enjoy the many meals and eats the company offers can pay with cash, credit cards, and major digital currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

In addition, the restaurant will soon be unveiling its own unique cryptocurrency for customers to use. It will be called Cambo Coin, taking its name from the restaurant itself. Right now, very few people are paying with crypto, and the restaurant is trying to increase the hype surrounding the space by offering discounts of anywhere between ten and 50 percent to those willing to give it a try.

Big Lake is a town consisting of only 10,000 people at the time of writing, but owner Mike Nget says that they are open minded enough to think about paying with crypto here and there. In an interview, he mentioned:

There aren’t very many restaurants that accept bitcoin to begin with, and I figured let’s break barriers. Let’s be one of the first in Minnesota to start doing that and pave the way to kind of shine a light on cryptocurrency.

Another restaurant known as Flyfish Club is set to open in New York City in early 2023. It will be a private dining club that is unleashing its own line of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that customers can use to purchase food and beverage items. David Rodolitz – founder and CEO of Flyfish Club – said:

Between being a new innovation and converting a membership into an asset and all this excitement around crypto in the world, on top of trying to find new ways to monetize, on top of an industry that generally needed some form of innovation, that just created this ball of fire that got us very excited.

Another one of these crypto-loving restaurants is called Ocean Blue, also located in New York. As a restaurant and oyster bar, the company has gone fully cashless in recent months, and is now receiving a handful of crypto payments from customers. Crypto acceptance, per owner Francis Pezzolanella, has allowed the restaurant to put its time and resources to better use.

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Making Things Easy and Fun for Customers

Francis says:

It’s not as simple as me taking your cash. It’s not as simple as me taking your credit card, but what it has done is allow our staff to spend more time taking care of our customers.

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