SHIB Can Now Be Accepted by Merchants Thanks to New Partnership

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Merchants can now process SHIB payments via this new partnership

Day by day, Shiba Inu pleases its fans with announcements of new partnerships and an increasing number of ways to use the much-loved memecoin.

It became known that the popular payment platform for merchants, NOWPayments, in collaboration with crypto accepting and withdrawing service Switchere, will allow its users to process payments in SHIB. The scheme is simple: buyers pay in SHIB, sellers get fiat at the output. Thus, SHIB fans and holders will now be able to pay in stores that are linked to NOWPayments and buy more goods without converting their coins into fiat.

A fresh partnership adds great utility to the popular memecoin. Thanks to NOWPayments, the arsenal of SHIB usage is expanding in areas such as e-commerce, casinos and gambling and regular mass retail shopping, and even donations on Twitch can now be sent using SHIB.

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SHIB to the masses

Increasing utility, especially in partnership with major services, is a really important development for a SHIB coin that was originally created as a funny counterpart to another popular memecoin, DOGE. The recognition and adoption of the coin as a means of payment by large companies makes crypto enthusiasts take the project more seriously.


However, on the one hand, the number of coins in circulation, according to some analysts, is still exorbitant, and along with the negative conjuncture established in the crypto market in May, does not allow SHIB to stop falling in price and push back from the bottom. On the other hand, the Shiba Inu team, as we can see every day, is more and more actively promoting the project to the masses and is, in the truest sense of the phrase, building the dip.

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