SHIB Returns to Top 10 List of Cryptos Whales Are Hungry For: Details

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Yuri Molchan

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The meme coin is back on the list of the top ten cryptos actively purchased by Ethereum whales

Data shared by WhaleStats shows that several hours ago, SHIB again got on the list of the favorite crypto assets of the largest 100 Ethereum investors.

SHIB is the biggest token by USD value

The tweet has it that the second most popular meme coin is among the top 10 coins that these ETH whales are after.

By now, however, SHIB has been pushed back from the position of the token with the largest USD value by FTX Token (FTT) and it is now second after it on the list and third after Ethereum.

According to the webiste of WhaleStats, the 100 biggest whales on the Ethereum blockchain now hold a total of $1,279,594,890 worth of SHIB. This stands for 56,344,997,357,992 tokens or 14.47 percent of these whales comprised portfolio.

Former SHIB whales expands his portfolio

Earlier this year, U.Today reported that top 9 Ethereum whale “Gimli” (called after the dwarf character of the iconic fantasy novel “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien) several times acquired large amounts of Shiba Inu – 50 billion tokens or more.

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On March 3, “Gimli” purchased almost half a trillion Shiba Inu – a whopping 442,637,867,858 tokens which back then equaled $11,561,701.

However, by now, the whale, according to the WhaleStats page dedicated to his crypto riches, holds zero meme coins. But he has purchased a total of 300,290 of the trending ApeCoin (APE) worth a comprised $4,020,087.

Several other whales have also bought large lumps of this cryptocurrency – 600,000 APE worth roughly $8.4 million.

APE price soars 1,232%, then goes down abruptly

On March 17, the token in question skyrocketed a mind-blowing 1,232 percent from $1 to the $39,40 historic peak.

By now, however, APE has gone down to $13.40 – 66.16 percent down from the all-time high. APE has a market cap of $3,699,481,829.

The circulating supply of the coin equals 277,500,000 APE with the total one being 1,000,000,000 coins.

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