Shibarium Faces Thousands of Incredible Submissions: Shytoshi Kusama

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Yuri Molchan

Chief developer of Shiba Inu has shared that several thousand projects have applied to work with Shibarium

Pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer behind such popular projects as the Shiba Inu token and Shibarium, has spread the word in the reactivated Telegram Shibarium chat about the great number of projects that have contacted the SHIB team wishing to collaborate with Shibarium.

As reported by U.Today on Friday, Shytoshi Kusama published another tweet, hinting that the preparations for the Shibarium release are being finished. He posted a tweet with a link to Spotify, saying that the song was “on repeat while we finish.”

“Thousands of submissions” made into Intake form

He thanked the community for these thousands of submissions, adding that this makes the SHIB army stronger and “even stronger with Shibarium.”

Kusama decided to clear up a few things about the upcoming release of the Shibarium Beta. He again stated that “everyone is invited to Shibarium.” According to his message, there were “some incredible submissions” to the Intake form, which was published earlier this week in a Medium post.

The lead developer pointed out that some of the submissions through the Intake form are “incredible” and that he cannot wait to see more of them.

Kusama stressed that they are reviewing every incoming submission and promised that the responses for the filled-in forms will be sent out this weekend.

Source: Telegram chat “Shibarium Tech”

For those who submitted the intake form, you should see an email response this weekend. We’re just organizing and giving the attention each and every one of the serveral thousand submissions deserves.

Working on Shibarium Beta and Metaverse updates

He also explained why he has been silent for a while. The reason here is that Kusama has been working with various teams under his leadership to provide timely updates for the Shibarium Beta version and for the Shiba Inu Metaverse, which prepares to present its WAGMI Temple hub at the SXSW event that is taking place later this year.

A few things to clear up… everyone is invited to Shibarium! I can’t wait to see, and have already seen, some incredible submissions into our intake form. I’m silent because I’m with various teams working on updates in time for Shibarium Beta and SXSW for the Metaverse.

Reminder about ShibaSwap

Shytoshi Kusama made a point of making it clear, just as a reminder, that once Shibarium launches, the cross-chain platform ShibaSwap will be operating as the official DEX of Shibarium. “Just in case that wasn’t clear,” he commented.

But please note something. The Shib Team will ensure that a cross-chain, updated (have you seen the new designs coming from the team!), and beautiful Shibaswap will be the Official Dex of Shibarium. Just in case that wasn’t clear. Can’t wait to see the others.

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