Sidus Heroes Partners with Partisia Blockchain

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Arman Shirinyan

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Sidus Heroes joins Partisia Blockchain to change the blockchain gaming industry as we know it


Sidus Heroes is ready to announce the further expansion of its network of partners and supporters by partnering with the Partisia Blockchain, a Web3, public, zero-knowledge blockchain that joins Sidus Heroes to make their first steps with the launch of beta versions of their products.

Partisia Blockchain is a zero-knowledge Layer 1 blockchain protocol that has managed to build a secure digital infrastructure that can process transactions within 0.5 seconds, which is one of the fastest transaction processing times in the industry.

The solution is applicable to a variety of crypto subdomains, including decentralized finance solutions and wallets. The partnership between the companies allows the exploring of numerous possibilities that a fast Layer 1 blockchain can offer to the NFT gaming space.

The CEO of Sidus Heroes, Dan Khomenko, has shared his excitement to witness and make a contribution to the further development of Partisia Blockchain and to directly work with their product. The ability to process in-game transactions in 500 milliseconds with an additional layer of security is a great complement to any blockchain-based product.

Sidus Universe

Sidus Heroes is one of the first WebGL, AAA-level P2E NFT and MMORPG games set in a space Metaverse where technologies and biological creatures are merged together.

Players in Sidus Heroes are able to live through multiple gaming scenarios, including interstellar exploration, battles, settlements and political development. The game works on the basis of a closed economic system that uses a limited number of resources and actively applies the play-to-earn model to almost every item in the game.

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Partisia Blockchain experience

Partisia Blockchain is also happy to join such a young and rapidly developing project as Sidus Heroes that has minted hundreds of thousands of in-game items tied to non-fungible tokens. Their fast-processing solution will be a lifesaver for any project that actively utilizes transfers between players, smart contracts and others.

Partisia is getting ready to get their hands on SIDUS to see how they will improve the player experience in the long run. By working toe-to-toe with Sidus Heroes, Partisia would be able to create a number of rules and practices that could be applied to any GameFi and blockchain gaming project in general.

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