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On April 2, 2022, the SocialFi Smart Donation Coin platform listed its SDC tokens on the Now any currency pairs are available for the project’s users, including SDC/YOSHI.

Users can even exchange directly through a credit or debit card. At the moment, is already the 4th crypto-currency exchange where you can purchase SDC. Before that, SDC tokens were available on PancakeSwap, P2PB2B, and Dextools.

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What is Smart Donation Coin (SDC)?

Smart Donation Coin is the first SocialFi project based on Binance Smart Chain, which provides bloggers and their audience with an additional opportunity to earn money on advertising, crypto donations, NFT exchange, and staking.

SDC is a native token of the system used to pay for advertising orders, P2P donations, and reward users for holding.

  • Token Symbol: SDC
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Protocol: BEP-20
  • Contract address: 0x3f9de0de2abc8e0460c26533e031799c6ceb141d

To buy SDC on the Yoshi exchange, users need to connect their wallets through MetaMask or WalletConnect. Users also need to surpass KYC for buying.

Who uses the Smart Donation Coin platform?

The project’s target audience is all representatives of the blogosphere, including content makers, their subscribers, and advertisers.

The leading Smart Donation Coin service works on the principle of an advertising exchange, i.e., it creates a platform where advertisers cooperate with bloggers.

Payment takes place in the native token of the SDS platform, which can then be converted into any cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Smart Donation Coin also offers a convenient and confidential service for donations to bloggers.

Since the system is completely anonymous, it is perfectly suitable for public figures, political bloggers, charitable foundations, eco-activists, and other wonderful people who neither publish ads nor want their funding sources to be compromised.

How does Smart Donation Coin solve the problem of de-platforming?

Due to the high degree of centralization, modern social networks are subject to the ‘Principal-Agent’ dilemma.

The essence of the dilemma is that the management of organizations (Agents) does not always act on behalf of the users of this organization (Principals), although it should.

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Unfortunately, an agent can act following his own interests, even if he was chosen to make decisions on behalf of the principal.

Here’s how the ‘Principal-Agent’ dilemma works in social networks: 

Although social networks have long been a source of income for content makers, they do not represent the interests of bloggers. The only area of interest in social networks is to earn as much money as possible.

In such a system, content-makers cannot influence the decisions on which their earnings depend in any way.

Because of this, there are problems with de-platforming and Internet censorship.

For example, when a person expresses their dissenting views on YouTube, the platform can disable monetization for the video, and Instagram can even block the ability to promote content.

A content maker risks losing his ‘job’ because of one careless statement.

To counter the de-platforming, Smart Donation Coin creates its own DAO.

In this decentralized organization, the decision-making process depends entirely on the free vote of users. The role of decision execution is transferred to the dispassionate algorithms of smart contracts, which will definitely not want to usurp power.

Thus, within one platform, all interested users can communicate, influence the project’s development, follow the content of their favorite creators and monetize their own blogs.

Listing SDC on Yoshi will increase the project’s reputation in the industry and make the token even more accessible to crypto enthusiasts interested in integrating DeFi and the blogosphere.

Now Smart Donation Coin users will be able to control their income even better with no control from third parties.

More information about the Smart Donation Coin project can be found here:

Website | White Paper | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram


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