Smartlink Introduces First Tezos NFT Launchpad

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Arman Shirinyan

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Smartlink is ready to amp up the NFT industry by presenting the first NFT Launchpad powered by Tezos

Smartlink is ready to present its new NFT Launchpad, designed to become the home of the rarest curated NFTs on the internet. The platform is powered by the Tezos blockchain, which brings a cleaner and greener platform to artists and studios.

Smartlink NFT Launchpad is going to feature one of the best NFT collections in the industry in addition to other exciting features like blind minting, auctions and more. Depending on the desire of an artist or seller, NFTs can be distributed through blind or open auctions.

The blind auction, or blind minting, is a method of obtaining non-fungible tokens without seeing the traits, type or rareness of the piece you are getting. The method is often used in large collections where users tend to mint numerous items during the distribution phase.

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An open auction is the opposite way of obtaining various non-fungible tokens and is quite often used in relatively small collections with less than 100 pieces. A piece for a sale will be open to all bidders.

In order to start an open auction, the NFT owner should initialize the auction with the required settings. During the auction period, buyers will be placing bids. As the bidding period ends, an auction winner will receive an NFT piece in addition to ownership rights. All remaining bids are refunded after the auction closes.

SMURKS will be the first collection on the launchpad. Smartlink has already partnered with numerous NFT and Metaverse projects to release their NFTs on Smartlink’s launchpad. Prior to the launch, names and additional details will be revealed to the community.

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