Solana Downtime Series Continues, Network Faces Serious Issues Again

Unfortunately for its users, Solana is facing serious network issues once again as the blockchain is having problems keeping its status normal since May 17. Famous Solana critic and author of Week in ETH News, Evan Van Ness, shared data on the real Solana uptime in the last two weeks.

Currently, Solana is facing a clock drift issue, which is a delay in on-chain time caused by longer block processing. Users will not notice the problem since it does not affect the performance of the network directly.

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The main drawback of having a clock drift on the network is the inaccurate reflection of time by decentralized applications built on Solana.

The two-week-old thread started with a screenshot of the Solana status page suggests that the network is facing degraded performance, so block time and processing are off their normal values, and users are having issues pushing transactions through. Reportedly, the downtime on May 17 lasted for over eight hours.

Later on, pro-Ethereum users noticed that Solana’s status page does not include data on previous downtimes, which makes the information on it unobjective. On May 22, Van Ness reported another downtime on Solana according to the status page. The issue was the same.

While the issue the network faces now is less critical and may not even affect the performance of regular users, there is still a chance that the network’s state will worsen as time goes by.

Constant downtime, lack of new projects rolling out on Solana and additional issues have caused selling pressure on the network’s coin, which has lost 70% of its value in the last 60 days of trading. At press time, SOL moves at $41 and is losing 5% of its value in the last 24 hours.

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