Solana’s Phantom Wallet “Adding Support” for Ethereum ($ETH) and Polygon ($MATIC)

On Tuesday (29 November 2022), Phantom, which is the most popular wallet for Solana, announced that it is adding support for Ethereum and Polygon.

The Phantom team told their over 345K Twitter followers:

Phantom was actually founded with the intent of going multichain towards @ethereum , and we have been hard at work for months developing a wallet that makes web3 more cohesive for both users and developers… And by partnering closely with the @0xPolygon team, we’re offering a first-class wallet experience for the rapidly growing number of NFTs, games, and apps powered by Polygon…

It’s clear that self-custody is now more important than ever. But the multichain future feels uncertain with how people are expected to manage different wallets on different chains. For our initial launch, we will be elevating the wallet experience in a few key ways… No need to toggle. Phantom is your companion for the Ethereum, Polygon and Solana ecosystems in a single wallet. In the same way people don’t switch web browsers to access different websites, we believe web3 needs one wallet to access what you need seamlessly…

A friendly self-custodial wallet with best-in-class protection. Advanced transaction previews empower you with real-time warnings and human-readable transaction context. We also have a world-class support team available 24/7 to help users with whatever they need… The best home for your NFTs. Manage listings, burn spam, stay updated with helpful push notifications, and showcase your NFTs across all file formats and devices. And yes, that includes viewing NFTs in your browser extension…

By creating a safe and easy-to-use multichain wallet, we aim to bring these amazing ecosystems together into a single, delightful product experience that makes web3 accessible for everyone… We’ll be rolling out invites to our public beta in the next few weeks with a public launch planned soon after.

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