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The future is just around the corner and is already knocking on your door. The metaverse is replacing reality, and now many companies you know will begin to explore it. Sports are already actively integrating into the metaverse. Let’s look at a few prime examples how to buy crypto with fiat.

“Manchester City” is building a stadium in the metauniverse

Manchester City Football Club and Sony have announced plans to build an exact replica of the Premier League champions Etihad Stadium, but not in reality, in the metaverse. This will provide an additional opportunity for fans around the world to visit the “place of power” through the avatar, recreate their favorite matches online, and more.

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Club management and Sony do not guarantee a full replay of the matches at Etihad Stadium in the metaverse, noting the difficulties in interpreting the rights to watch soccer matches. However, even if the stadium is not becoming a meeting place for fans at the time of the match, the very possibility of visiting its territory, albeit virtual, interested many fans.

NikeLand in Roblox


Nike is one of the most famous sports brands, which always tries to keep up keep up with trends. That is why the campaign announced the creation of a meta-universe Nikeland. The project will be implemented on the basis of an online game platform Roblox.

It is assumed that in Nikeland users will find not only stadiums, sports arenas, and stores where they can buy clothes for their avatars, but also a digital copy of the company’s headquarters and more.

NFT-collection from Adidas

The famous sports brand Adidas also keeps up with global trends and its competitors. The company announced the launch of the NFT collection called “Into the Metaverse”.

This collection gives customers the opportunity to join an exclusive fan club, where users can buy company merch, such as a tracksuit, a hoodie with a Bitcoin wallet address, or an orange hat. The items were created in a collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, a collection of NFT tokens from 10,000 monkey drawings, the NFT project Punks Comics, and crypto-enthusiast GMoney.


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