Star Trek Legend William Shatner Wants Bitcoin (BTC) to Go to Moon

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Yuri Molchan

William Shatner encourages Bruce Fenton to send Bitcoin ‘to the moon’


Canadian actor William Shatner from the iconic sci-fi film series Star Trek, the performer of the famous Admiral James T. Kirk role and a crypto enthusiast, took to Twitter to say that Bruce Fenton should make Bitcoin go “to the moon.”

Bruce Fenton is the chief executive of Chainstone Labs, one of the oldest Bitcoiners in the crypto space, is currently on a trip in the UAE. Shatner’s tweet was a comment on a photo he took in a hotel there. Neither Fenton nor Shatner shared any details of this trip.

Shatner and Ethereum

Two years ago, Shatner seemed to make several attempts to enter the crypto space, advocated Ethereum and was even on friendly terms with Justin Sun, the creator of Tron chain and former CEO of the Tron Foundation.

The famous actor has not been tweeting about crypto much recently. However, last fall, as U.Today reported, right after Ethereum switched from the proof-of-work protocol to the proof-of-stake one by implementing the Merge upgrade, Shatner sent his greetings and congratulations to Vitalik Buterin — the frontman and co-founder of the second largest blockchain platform.

In February, Ethereum is expected to unleash another major upgrade, Shanghai. Among other things that it will add to Ethereum, it will allow stakers to begin withdrawing their ETH from the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract, which has been locked there for about two years now.

Bitcoin is important now, Robert Kiyosaki says

According to a prominent investor and entrepreneur in the sphere of financial education, the author of famous book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin is “priceless now.”

As reported by U.Today earlier, Kiyosaki reckons that currently, the global economy has entered a period of global recession, which is a lot worse than the Great Depression.

Many companies are making workers redundant, including crypto companies and tech corporations around the world. Companies are going bankrupt, the crypto space included, as the FTX exchange filed for insolvency in November and Genesis crypto lender — which belongs to the Digital Currency Group created by Barry Silbert — filed for bankruptcy just recently.

More people are becoming homeless and losing their pensions, commented Kiyosaki. In this regard, as a long-term Bitcoin believer, he tweeted that BTC is priceless now, and there are bargains on gold and silver, which he also believes to be worthy assets.

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