Still Alive Second AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Hi Everyone! Welcome to another BeInCrypto AMA Session!

Today we welcome Jae (@A3StillAlive_KIM), who is the Product Manager of A3: Still Alive.

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A3: Still Alive is the latest MMORPG from Netmarble, and it tasks players with saving the world from a cultist plot set to destroy everything while at the same time building a character from a novice fighter to a champion that chops their way through enemies like a farmer scythes wheat.

(This AMA has been edited for clarity)

COMMUNITY: Here is how things will work. I’ll have some questions for them. Our chat will then be open for you to drop your questions so that they can pick up some questions out of all the ones you asked. Good luck to you all.

BIC: Hi there!
It’s been two weeks! How have you been?

A3: Amazing! It’s been a crazy busy week with all the game updates. We’re trying our best to spread ITU out to a bigger world.

BIC: Nice. Before we actually dive in, please introduce yourself to our users here first.

A3: Alright. Thank you for having us here again, dear BeinCrypto! And also sending our huge thanks to everyone in this session right now.

I’m Jae Kim, and I’m a project manager of A3: Still Alive, a mobile MMORPG developed & published by Netmarble.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the name Netmarble, it is a Korean gaming company that has been selected as the global top 10 mobile game publishers for seven years in a row!

And now, we’ve just begun our long-awaited journey into the P2E world with the blockchain update of A3: Still Alive.

Let me just briefly tell you the P2E factors of A3: Still Alive.

Just follow these simple two steps: Earn Inetrion Ore by hunting monsters in the Inetrion Dungeon and refine it into INETRIUM(ITU). How easy is that!

INETRIUM(ITU) can then be exchanged to MBX, which can also be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies and eventually be cashed out.

MBX is Netmarble’s very own cryptocurrency, launched this March, and the MARBLEX Wallet is a wallet app where all the cashing out process takes place.

INETRIUM(ITU) is a utility token on MBX, which is why we can freely exchange ITU to MBX and vice versa. This feature will be available VERY SOON.

We’ve got a huge news to spill on this, so make sure to stay tuned till the very end!

BIC: Great. Now let’s get going!
The previous AMA session was.. you know… quite static.

A3: Yeah… I mean, it was our first-ever AMA, so…

BIC: I’m expecting today’s session would be a little different?

A3: Absolutely! We’ve got LOTS of things prepared today. 

Please express your excitement with emojis on my chat, and I’ll make sure to reveal big news today!

BIC: Did you guys hear that?
Show us your power with emojis! I want to know what this huge news is!

(pause for a few seconds for any emoji reactions)

BIC: Good, good, good. I can see you guys are excited too!

Now, let’s dive into this INETRIUM(ITU) thing first.

It’s already been a month since the MARBLEX Wallet launched! How are things going lately?

A3: Very good question. You guys must all be very curious about how much value ITU holds.

It’s good – I mean it, it’s GOOD.

It’s been showing a much healthier cycle of production and consumption than we actually expected.

I mean, the biggest problem most P2E games face is the inflation of their own tokens, right?

BIC: Correct.

A3: For us, “Curbing the inflation of ITU by improving the value of Inetrion Ore” is our main priority in serving our users.

BIC: Which means?

A3: I mean, if you play A3, you may know – character growth in A3 after the blockchain update depends on how well you utilize Inetrion Ore., Like exchanging the Inetrion Ore into items for growth in the Inetrion Ore Shop.

It’s a shame that we cannot tell you the exact number due to confidentiality, but in a period of a month, 60% of the total acquired Inetrion Ore has been utilized via the Inetrion Ore Shop. 60%!

We all know that many other P2E games with a similar system as A3 experience inflation of in-game tokens, as most of the in-game items, are exchanged into tokens. However, I can assure you that A3’s ITU has been acquired & managed in a very healthy cycle.

BIC: That’s quite impressive.

A3: I know, right? And there’s more –

We’ve updated the packages in the Inetrion Ore Shop last week and were able to see the amount of ITUInetrion Ore actually surpassed the amount of Inetrion Ore ITU!

81% of the total acquired Inetrion Ore has been utilized via the Inetrion Ore Shop in the last seven days! 

BIC: Seriously? That’s amazing.

A3: This sophisticated, well-built growth system of A3 will be constantly updated and eventually contribute to stabilizing the value of Inetrion Ore!

Users constantly spending the Inetrion Ore prevents ITU from being overly created increases ITU’s demand for more Inetrion Ore created a virtuous cycle of earning & spending, which eventually leads to keeping the value of ITU stable and safe.

Wait, I know this may sound complicated – let me just make it look simple. One sec!

BIC: Hmm… I think I get what you mean. I suggest maybe a little more fancier image next time? Hahaha

A3: Will do! 

BIC: Okay, moving on to the next question.

There have been a lot of questions regarding the “Red Diamond,” which seems to be in between the Inetrion Ore and ITU.

What exactly is the Red Diamond?

A3: Red diamond is an item you need to refine the Inetrion Ore into ITU.

The current system requires five red diamonds for 1 ITU.

BIC: Right. People were also curious about how the rate of this red diamond will change.

A3: Good question. Like I mentioned, you would need five red diamonds to refine 1 ITU.

However, this rate is kind of an “event rate” that we have set for our users as we cannot check the market price of ITU before the DEX update.

After DEX is updated and the exchange rate of ITU↔️MBX is stabilized, the ITU refining fee will be set according to the value of ITU.

Of course, this will be announced in advance, and we’ll try our best to set it to a reasonable level for everyone. 

BIC: That’s some good news.

Speaking of updating contents to preserve the value of ITU, what are some update plans for A3?

A3: I’m sure a lot of you guys are curious about this.

I’ve prepared an image explaining these contents because I actually expected this question. 


BIC: Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

A3: I’m super excited to introduce you guys to all the upcoming content!

‘Relic’ and ‘Extradimensional Gallery,’ which are scheduled to be updated in April, are closely linked contents.

The party that clears the highest level of ‘Extradimensional Gallery’ for the first time can get a special item called ‘Relic.’

Now that can make the equipment to be even more powerful.

Adding the ‘Character Awakening’ system will be a major one as well, completely changing the battle styles.

Players can develop their Awakening skills that match their play styles and enjoy even more intense battles.

Plus, cute and cool ‘Soul Runners’ will also be added 

You can go around the battlefield with a variety of Soul Runners that will enhance your character’s abilities.

BIC: That’s quite a lot of updates in April!

A3: You’re right! Also, in May, we’re planning on expanding the big growth factors in-game.

We have lots of growth-related features prepared, such as ‘Shu Awakening,’ which will enable players to reborn with new abilities, Soul Linker Complement, the expansion of Sacred Place, and many more to come!

For the new season of Battle Royale, costumes will be offered.

Along with that, region expansions will continue, and corresponding growth factors will be added.

BIC: Is that even possible? The plans seem quite detailed.

A3: As you may already know, A3 has been in service in Korea for more than two years now, and the updates are still very active.

Contents serviced in Korea will be well-improved and reflected in the global build of A3 to increase the value of Inetrion Ore and ITU.

So, although it’s not shown in this image, you can think that a lot of content will be on our way.

Are you excited? 

BIC: I’m beyond thrilled!

A3: We are working hard, with our top priorities being 1️ – providing satisfactory content to our players and 2️ – keeping ITU constantly valuable for our investors.

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BIC: That’s nice. In fact, I’m looking forward to Soul Runner the most since you said it’s cute.

A3: Yeah! They are my favorite too. 

And of course, we are planning to provide Defi services using ITU by the end of this year, such as ITU staking models and character NFTs, so please look forward to it.

BIC: Wow. That’s very impressive.

A3: Impressive, right?! So I’ve prepared an exclusive gift!

Now here’s a special costume for those of you who joined this AMA session! 

The coupon code for this will be released at the end of this AMA session! Make some noise with your emojis, guys! 

All righty! Let’s have this energy going until the end!

BIC: Absolutely!

I’m getting very excited for the future of ITU.

Now at this point, there’s a growing curiosity about MARBLEX, which lets you exchange ITU into MBX.

Let’s start talking about MBX in the next question.

With the opening of the MARBLEX Wallet, everyone keeps asking when they can cash out ITU.

During the last AMA session, you said that there will be a DEX opening in April. Do you have any further information about it?

A3: I brought you all some very good information. 

BIC: Really?

A3: Yep! Let me tell you more about the DEX service that many of you are looking forward to.

Introducing the DEX service, MARBLEX Wallet’s first blockchain service that enables you to exchange between tokens!

This DEX feature is a service that allows you to exchange ITU into MBX. And this can be done through MBXL, an intermediate utility token.

Basically, below is the structure of how the exchange takes place.


And this fast and convenient DEX service is opening on…!!!

Can’t tell you easily about this, haha. Show me how excited you are through emojis, my friends! 

This fast and convenient DEX service is opening on

APRIL 26th!!! 

BIC: WOW! Really?

A3: Yes, really! The exact opening time will be informed later on, so STAY TUNED!

BIC: Can’t wait for it! ITU and MBX!

Tell me, do you have any other exciting plans for MBX after the DEX update?

A3: Of course we do!

Starting from DEX, which enables you to exchange between tokens, MBX will be listed on the world’s major CEX 

and also preparing a wide but sturdy roadmap that includes staking through in-game tokens and character NFTs.

Along with this, we have revealed some of the major titles coming up in the near future,

but we still have A LOT more AAA quality titles to come that can sustain this healthy ecosystem of MBX.

I swear, your overall experience will also be AAA quality with these games combined with the MBX blockchain service.

BIC: I’m amazed.

There’s more to come than the “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds,” “Everybody’s Marble: MetaWorld,” and “Monster Arena”?

A3: Yeah, it is true!

We are Netmarble, top 10 mobile gaming publishers in the world! 

BIC: That makes MBX sound like the coolest thing in the world. Haha

A3: Actually, this is not the end.

You may have seen from MBX’s roadmap that it aims to create a healthy ecosystem starting with the DEX function,

MBX is holding an airdrop event in partnership with A3 as a means to boost up the ecosystem!

It’s called A3 X MBX AirDrop Event!!

BIC: I love airdrop events!

A3: You just need to join the MARBLEX wallet and invite three friends to A3’s Discord channel to be the lucky winner of this event!

50 people will have the chance to earn $25 worth of MBX every day if you just invite more than three friends 

Also, we will airdrop $10,000 worth of MBX to the champion who invited the most friends.

BIC: Wait, what? $10,000?

Did I get it right?

A3: You heard it exactly. MBX worth “$10,000”!

But don’t go to A3’s Discord channel right now! The event starts tomorrow 

I dare to say… it would be better if you join A3’s Discord after the AMA, right? 

Let me get the A3 Discord link for you guys. I’ll post it here at the very end.

BIC: Well, I’m joining after this AMA right away!

If you invite more than three people, the least you can get is $25 and.. up to $10,000 worth of MBX!

A3: Exactly! Don’t forget, it’s not today! It begins tomorrow!

BIC: Wow! It’s so great that you’re exclusively announcing this event here on BeinCrypto.

Now, I bet our users have a lot of questions, so shall we move on to the live questions?

A3: Okay! Here we gooooo!! 

BIC: Just like the last AMA, 50 KLAY will be given to those selected for this live question, so make sure to type in some quality questions here!

BIC: Please drop your questions NOW!

The chat will be closed again after a few minutes!

COMMUNITY QUESTIONS (at the end of the doc)

BIC: That’s it! I think we replied to some really good questions today

A3: Thank you so much for being with us today!

I’m sorry that I answered only a few among the many questions. 

We hold AMA sessions in our official A3 Discord channel as well!

We will check all of your questions and make sure to answer them in our own AMA sessions, so please join!

BIC: Sounds like a plan! Should we wrap it up?

A3: Oh, wait a sec! 

There’s another gift for you all before we call it a day!


A3: Here’s the topaz, which is a must in order to grow your Soul Linker in A3.

And here’s the coupon code that I mentioned earlier for the special costume, so I hope you use them all with your friends!

BIC: Thank you for all these great gifts till the end!

Is it really time to say goodbye now?

A3: Just one last thing before we end!

Discord Invitation Event starts tomorrow, so don’t miss this chance of winning $10,000 worth of MBX!

(Links pop up)

That’s it for us today! Thank you very much. 

BIC: Chat is back!

COMMUNITY: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics and the UTILITY of Token?

A3: Please visit to check the MBX roadmap. In the short term, MBX envisions several BLOCKCHAIN services such as the scope service Explorer, NFT, and GAME TOKEN staking service. In addition, we are simultaneously releasing the highest quality games in the ecosystem. Make sure to check it! 

COMMUNITY: When can we expect a change to the exile system? It’s kinda dumb that you can’t kick someone from Guild before the “Conquest War.”

A3: We are aware of this issue as well! The feature related to the withdrawal of guild members will be modified in the next update! 

Tax distribution is limited for now, but we will soon add a fair method. Please keep an eye on the updates with love and interest!

COMMUNITY: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

A3: Ohhh, MBX has so many advantages. But if we are to choose MBX’s strongest advantage, it would most definitely be a “Token Burning Model.”

MBX’s ecosystem burns a portion of the transaction fee in order to manage its value.

In other words, the automatic burning model is a built-in mechanism that protects holders from a decline in the value of their MBX tokens, and we will do our best to disclose the total amount burned in the future to ensure that the model operates transparently!

Honesty is one of our key values.

COMMUNITY: What are plans for global expansion? Are you focusing on the market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users or partnerships?

A3: The answer to the last question!

“Other than A3: STILL ALIVE; Ni no Kuni Cross World, Everybody’s Marble: Meta World and Monster Arena are all set to be released. From 2Q 2022, these games will be released one by one.

Global expansion is also the biggest goal of MBX for sure. We are in the process of expanding our effective partnerships around the world. Every action is to provide the best service for you guys.”


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