SuburbanColors restarts the minting of their second collection on 7 April 2022

SuburbanColors started in 2021. The company’s main aim is to create amazing collections, develop a play-to-earn game and invest in virtual land to generate profits for owners and holders.

The company has set 7th April as the date for the last mint of their second NFT collection of 1175 Robots. The first launch of the collection of 1024 Rebels was sold out and available on Opensea.

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SuburbanColors is a collection of 2199 pieces of cyberpunk art, utility, and future P2E game. The collection consists of Rebels and Robots NFTs, who fight for the dominance of the world. After the Rebels NFTs were sold out in December, the Robots will be launched soon. 

As per the plot, the world has become apocalyptic in 2199. Wars, starvation, climate disasters, disappearing countries, and crypto have become the norm. For progressing and surviving, humans have created advanced quantum AI robots. Humans have exploited and underestimated the robots. The robots will rebel and fight against human beings.

The company is releasing a daily video chapter on its Twitter handle during the 25 days to explain the future of humankind and SuburbanColors from 2022 to 2199.

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According to a sportsperson of the company, “There are a lot of perks for the owners of the SuburbanColors NFTs. They can decide the future of the collection in their Hidden Network private channel.”

Purchasing Rebels NFT in Opensea will help you get free and new Robots’ NFTs. 

SuburbanColors plan to create their token, be a decentralized NFT real estate sharing 60% of profits with holders and launch the game.

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About SuburbanColors:

SuburbanColors started in 2021. The company’s main aim was to design a nice collection and game for the users. The company announced the NFT collection, and the second minting of the company will be on 7th April.

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